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26 Nov 2020 - 10:37 AM  UPDATED 26 Nov 2020 - 10:37 AM

1 December

Burn Motherf***** Burn

E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

Fake News: A True History

Hate Rising

How French Women Like It

Hunting Hitler S1 Ep2 – Secret Nazi Lair

I Am Not Your Negro

Intervention S1 Ep2 – Tamela And Jerrie

Intervention S1 Ep3 – Alissa And Brian

Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure S1 Ep1

John McCain: Maverick

Let the Right One In

Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep1 – Hitler’s War In The Skies

The A350: Star Of The Skies

The Colour Of Justice

Trafficked In America

Trump’s Showdown


Documentary Trafficked In America is available till 1 December:


2 December

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep12 – The Extra Mile

Australia Come Fly With Me Series 1 Episode 3

Final Space S1 Ep1

Hunting Hitler S1 Ep3 – Escape From Berlin

Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure S1 Ep2

One Role For Two

Our Stories Ep1 – A Photographic Exploration

Page One: A Year Inside The NY Times

Roman J Israel Esq

The Doctor Who Took Kids Off Drugs S1 Ep1

The Quake

The Nutty Professor

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick S6 Ep3 – Remy, Jazz And Olive

Trading Cultures

Tribal Justice


Starring Denzel Washington Roman J Israel Esq is on till 2 December:


3 December

Away From Country S1 Ep2 – Brendan Williams: Dingo

Biden V Trump: The Choice 2020

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep22 – Cheyenne

Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure S1 Ep3



The Crusades S1 Ep3

The Doctor Who Took Kids Off Drugs S1 Ep2

Woman Who Returns


4 December


Going Places With Ernie Dingo S1 Ep1 – Great Barrier Reef

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S1 Ep2 – Uluru

Great Irish Railway Journeys S4 Ep22 – Charleville To Waterford


Our Stories 2019 – Bima 1 – A Living Legacy: Kaiziâ’s Traditional Coconut Oil

Songlines – Ngapa Jukurrpa – Water Songline

The Good Fight S4 Ep1–7

The Keepers S2019 Ep2

The Talk – Race In America

Valley Of Shadows


Based on Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro’s short stories and directed by Pedro Almodóvar Julieta is on till 4 December:


5 December

12 Years A Slave

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep4

Black Cop

Five Billion Pound Super Sewer S1 Ep1–3

La Femme Nikita

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2 Ep2–3

Our Stories – Into The Future

Secrets of The Tower Of London S2 Ep1–8

The Eagle Has Landed

The Great Fire Of London S1 Ep1 – London Burns

The X-Files S1 Ep15–24

Two Brothers Walking

WWII’s Great Escapes: The Freedom Trails S1 Ep1–4


6 December

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep5 – Fenchurch To Embankment

Great Irish Railway Journeys S4 Ep23 – Kilkenny To Athy

Over 18: Porn Addiction



The Family Fang


7 December


Emptying The Tank

Escorts S1 Ep1–9

Jewish GIs of WWII

Let The Fire Burn


Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep2 – Hitler’s British Invasion Plan

New Girl S3 Ep3 and 4

The Case Against Adnan Syed S1 Ep1–4

The Truth About Slim People

Trains That Changed The World S1 Ep1–4



Loving is leaving on 7 December:


8 December

Dilili In Paris

Final Space S1 Ep2

Intervention S1 Ep4 – Sara

Intervention S1 Ep5 – Travis And Matt


Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep3 – Hells Island


Our Stories S2019 Ep1 – First Time Home

Railways Of The Western Front

Rise of Empires: Incas S1 Ep1–3 (Incas, Mayans, Aztecs)

Sinkholes: Deadly Drops S1 Ep1–3

Stacey Dooley: Shot By My Neighbour

Tour De Legacy: The Western Front


9 December

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep13

9 In 10

Blackout In Puerto Rico

Ernest and Celestine

Final Space S1 Ep3

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep6 – Windsor To Didcot

Our Stories S2019 Ep2 – Inside Out

Our Stories S2019 Ep9 – Big Al’s Big Dream

The Kimberley Man


The Kimberley Man is about filmmaker Jeremy Thomson’s grandfather Ernie Bridge who became WA’s first Indigenous parliamentarian. Catch it till 9 December:


10 December

Always Was: Widi Homeland

Irrational Man


Jeffrey Epstein’s Hidden Files S1 Ep22 – The Hot List

Our Stories S2019 Ep3 – Chris’s Torch

Our Stories S2019 Ep10 – Koomie Country

Stacey Dooley And The Bounty Hunters

Stacey Dooley: Countdown To Armageddon

Who Killed Bambi?


11 December

A Modern Mutiny: Untold Australia

Black Anzac

Girls Lost

Homefront – A New Kind Of War Memorial

Never Forget Australia

Occupation: Native

Our Stories S2019 Ep4 – Rapping It Up

Our Stories S2019 Ep11 – Mikayla

Peter Fitzsimons’ WWI


The Royals and The Tabloids S1 Ep1–3


Viceroy’s House

Walking Britain’s Roman Roads S1 Ep1–6


Swedish film Girls Lost is streaming till 11 December:


12 December

Long Way North

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2 Ep4 and 5

Our Stories S2019 Ep12 – Star Girls

The Great Fire Of London S1 Ep2 – Death And Destruction

The House By The Sea


Danish animation Long Way North is on till 12 December:


13 December

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep5

Dark Age

Jeff Bezos: The Rise and Reign of Amazon S1 Ep1 and 2


Rabbit-Proof Fence

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep1 – Pyramids

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep2 – The Great Wall Of China

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep3 – Acropolis

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep4 – Maya Pyramid

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep5 – Medieval Cathedrals

Secrets Unearthed S1 Ep6 – Westminster Palace

The Fringe Dwellers


14 December

Darklands S1 Ep1–6

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep14 – Bugle To Mevagissey

Hard Eight

I Am Bruce Lee

I Am Evel Knievel

I Am Jfk Jnr

I Am Johnny Cash


I Am Richard Pryor

I Am Sam Kinison

I Am Steve McQueen

In Search Of Aliens S1 Ep2

In Search Of Artificial Intelligence S1 Ep6

In Search Of Atlantis Part 1 S1 Ep7

In Search Of Atlantis Part 2 S1 Ep8

In Search Of Life After Death S1 Ep10

In Search Of Mind Control S1 Ep9

In Search Of Monsters Of The Deep S1 Ep3

In Search Of Sinkholes S1 Ep5

In Search Of Superhumans S1 Ep1

In Search Of Time Travel S1 Ep4

Jasper Jones


Manje Bistre

Mary And Max

Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep4 – Japan’s Death Railway

Searching For Mum S2018 Ep1 and 2

Taken Down S1 Ep1–6

The Big Wet

Vanity Fair


Indian comedy film Manje Bistre is on till 14 December:


15 December

A United Kingdom

Console Wars: Nintendo vs Sega

Final Space S1 Ep4


Intervention S1 Ep6 – Renee And Peter

Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep5 – Hitler’s Desert War

Our Stories S2019 Ep5 – A Photographic Exploration

Subedar Joginder Singh

The Song Keepers

The True Story Of King Tut’s Treasure


16 December

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep14

Etched In Bone

Fargo S1–S3

Final Space S1 Ep5

Great Irish Railway Journeys S4 Ep24 – New Bridge To Roscrea

In Search Of Nazi Secrets S2 Ep8

In Search Of Secrets Of The Bible S2 Ep4

In Search Of The Bermuda Triangle S2 Ep6

In Search Of The End Of The World S2 Ep3

In Search Of The Loch Ness Monster Part 1 S2 Ep1

In Search Of The Loch Ness Monster Part 2 S2 Ep2

In Search Of The Lost Colony Of Roanoke S2 Ep7

In Search Of U.F.Os S2 Ep5

Our Stories S2019 Ep6 – A Living Legacy: Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil

Our Stories S2019 Ep13 – Aunty Thelma

Sherpa: Trouble On Everest

Sink Or Swim

Songlines On Screen – Njambi

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S8 Ep1–13

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick S6 Ep4


The first three seasons of Fargo leave on 16 December:


17 December

A Little Chaos

Face To Face With The Arms Dealers

Great Irish Railway Journeys S4 Ep25 – Athlone To Galway

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep23 – Wairata Station

Karla Grant Presents S2019 Ep34 – Returning Our Ancestors

Mojin: Secret Of The Lost Legend


Our Stories Ep1 – Foreshore

The 12th Man

The Hairdresser’s Husband


18 December

Blood On The Tracks

Building Britain’s Canals S1 Ep1 – Grand Union Canal

By Royal Appointment: Serving The Queen


Our Stories: Cooking Kastom

Our Stories S2019 Ep8 – Into The Future


19 December

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep6

A Monster In Paris

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep1 – Manchester To Birkenhead

Look At Me

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2 Ep6

Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man

Remaking The Pathway

Songlines on Screen – Marrimarrigun

Sweet Country

The Great Fire Of London S1 Ep3 – A City Rebuilt

The X-Files S2 Ep1 and 2


20 December

BBC My World S1 Ep1–10

Coast New Zealand S1 Ep1–4

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep2 – Southport To Leyland

Little Men

The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp

Ultimate Airport Dubai S1 Ep6–10

Wheels Of Wonder


21 December

Bend It Like Beckham


Nazi Megastructures S6 Ep6 – Hitler’s Mediterranean Fortress

New Girl S3 Ep5–7

The White Knights


Bend It Like Beckham is streaming till 21 December:


22 December

Beauty And The Beast

First Contact Canada S1 Ep1–3

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep7 – Reading To Alton

Intervention S1 Ep7 – Tina

Lost Treasures Of The Maya

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep1 – Hitler’s Death Trains

New Girl S3 Ep8–10

Not Just Numbers

Pompeii: After the Eruption

The Murder Of Sadie Hartley

Vinyl Nation


About a group of women working to prevent domestic violence, Not Just Numbers is on till 22 December:


23 December

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep15

6.9 On The Richter Scale

A Separation

Australia’s Shame

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep8 – Winchester To Isle Of Wight

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep3 – Preston To Rochdale

Great House Revival S2 Ep1–6

Hipsters S1 Ep1–6

Predator On The Reservation

Sex And Death

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep18–22

The Journey

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick S6 Ep5


24 December

A Matter Of Life And Death

Gifts Of The Maarga

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep4 – Haworth To Huddersfield

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey S1 Ep1 – The Land Of The Ancient Greeks

Nomad In The Saddle


25 December

Building Britain’s Canals S1 Ep2 – Leeds And Liverpool

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Faces Of Harassment


Gauguin: Voyage To Tahiti

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep9 – Brockenhurst To Poole

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep5 – Honley To Chesterfield

Into The White

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey S1 Ep2 – Greece’s Borderlands

Marn Grook

The Day S1 Ep1–12

The Great Train Robbery The Hidden Tapes

Why Me?


26 December

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep7

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep18 – Canterbury To Margate

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep10 – Wareham To Portland

Great British Railway Journeys S5 Ep6 – London Euston To Cheddington

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey S1 Ep3 – The Islands

Stage Beauty

The Surgery Ship S2 Ep1–8

The X-Files S2 Ep3

Twelve Canoes

Water Is Life


27 December

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep11 – Oxford To Pershore

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey S1 Ep4 – Mount Olympus And Beyond

Stolen Glory: The Tale Of Porky Brooke


The Wave



Science fiction film The Wave is on till 27 December:


28 December

Black Narcissus

Call Me Olly

Heart Coming Home

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep2 – Hitler’s Railways Of Death

New Girl S3 Ep11–13

The Pianist

The Work


29 December

America’s Great Divide: Obama To Trump S1 Ep1–2

George W. Bush S1 Ep1–2

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep12 – Hartlebury To Great Malvern

How To Get Fit Fast S2 Ep1–3

Intervention S1 Ep8

Leon: The Professional

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep3 – Hitler’s Luftwaffe

New Girl S3 Ep14–17

QE2: The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel S1 Ep1–3


The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared

Travel Man S2 Ep6 and 7 (Venice and Dubai)

Vogue Williams: Obsessed With Perfection


Travel Man season 2 episodes are on till 29 December:


30 December

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep16

BizSecrets: A Wicked Scrub

BizSecrets: Booktopia

BizSecrets: Female Mechanic

BizSecrets: Holiday Rental

BizSecrets: LEAD CEO

BizSecrets: S1T2

BizSecrets: Sushi Hub

Bros: After The Screaming Stops

Civilisations S1 Ep1–3

Dallas Buyers Club


Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep13 – Lydney To Newport

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep14 – Cardiff To Brecon

KPMG Enterprise

Luther S5 Ep1–4

Make It Right

Our Stories S2019 Ep14 – Foreshore

Persons Of Interest Ep3

Running Wild With Ben Stiller

Sam Watson – The Street Fighting Years

Small Business Secrets S1–S3

The 50,000-Year-Old Silk Road

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick S6 Ep6


World’s Most Luxurious Trains S1 Ep1


31 December

A Company Of Wolves

A Man In A Hurry

A Monster With A Thousand Heads

Ali’s Wedding


Black Hole

Bravo Virtuoso!


Burning Man


Acclaimed festival favourite, Lebanese film Capernaum is on till 31 December:


Das Boot



Drowning In Plastic

Family Rules S1 Ep1–6

Fatal Attraction


Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep15 – Port Talbot To Milford Haven

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep24

Il Divo

In Between

In Your Hands

Japan’s Secret Shame

Journey Through Armenia S1 Ep1–5


Kokowaah 2

Les Patterson Saves The World

Let The Bullets Fly

Little Big Soldier

Loving Vincent

Marathon Man

Microbe And Gasoline

Our Stories S2019 Ep15 – Cooking Kastom

Paper Moon

Perspective Shift (Audio Described) S1 Ep1–3


Project Blue Book S1 Ep1–10


Red Cliff Part 1 and Part 2


Sex Tape UK S1 Ep1–4

Sissi Part 1–3

Stacey Dooley: On The Psych Ward

Strange Colours


Summer Of 92

Swiss Army Man

The Baader Meinhof Complex

The Bank Job

The Conversation

The Curse Of Oak Island S3 Ep1–19

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

The Editor

The Fifth Element

The Gambler

The Infinite Man

The Legend Of Barney Thomson

The Motorcycle Diaries

The Rehearsal

The Reports Of Sarah And Saleem

The Shout

The Typist S1 Ep1–5

The X-Files S8 Ep1–21


Under The Silver Lake

Valley Of The Boom S1 Ep1–6

Woman At War

World’s Most Luxurious Super Yachts S1 Ep2 – Super Yachts

Icelandic film Woman At War leaves on 31 December:




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