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Monday 8 March is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, SBS is presenting a collection of films and documentaries across SBS, SBS On Demand, SBS VICELAND, SBS World Movies and NITV.
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8 Mar 2021 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 8 Mar 2021 - 11:41 AM

With a diverse collection of engrossing films, ground-breaking documentaries and more, this network offering has something for everyone.

Get ready to laugh, cry and above all, feel empowered to forge your own path in life with this SBS line-up.

Everything outlined below will also be available at SBS On Demand.

International Women’s Day 2021: SBS Content Highlights

SBS Content Highlights – March 8

2 pm – Hillary. Ep 1

    • About the episode: As Hillary Clinton launches her 2016 bid for the presidency, 'The Golden Girl' tells the story of her first political transformation – from a young suburban Republican to the iconoclastic First Lady of Arkansas.

3 pm – Warrior Women With Lupita Nyong'o

    • About the documentary: Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o leads us on an immersive and epic journey, with extraordinary and unique access. The actress/author/producer journeys across Benin, West Africa to reveal the true stories of the women who helped to inspire the iconic Dora Milaje of Black Panther.

4 pm – Vote Yes

    • About the documentary: It’s May 27, 1967 – Australia’s referendum on Aboriginal rights. Two women unite as a family comes to terms with the prospect of change.

9.25 pm – Story of the Songs: Aretha Franklin

    • About the documentary series: This episode features the three tracks that cemented Aretha Franklin as the indomitable Queen of Soul. Hear from experts who witnessed the rise of one of the most influential artists ever.


SBS VICELAND Content Highlights – March 8

12 pm – Is Australia Sexist?

    • About the documentary:
      In Australia, our society is built around the idea that everyone gets a fair go. In the era of #MeToo and with the global movement for gender equality growing, it’s time to ask ourselves, is that really the case? Writer, TV presenter, radio host and passionate advocate for gender equality Yumi Stynes wants to find out. Is Australia Sexist? goes undercover to expose the truth of sexism in Australia in 2018.

1 pm – Vice: Afghan Women’s Rights

    • About the documentary: When the United States invaded Afghanistan, the liberation of Afghan women was used as a rallying cry to garner public support. Now, after nearly 15 years and hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars spent, violence and oppression are still a fact of life for the country’s women. With the Taliban gaining ground again, VICE reports from Kabul on the fight for dignity and rights in Afghanistan.

1.35 pm – Lethal Ladies: NZ Female Fighters

    • About the documentary: VICE follows New Zealand’s top female fighters from the gym to the ring to reveal the raw truth of what it takes to succeed as a Lethal Lady.

2 pm – Insight 2019 "Female Firsts"

    • About the episode: Does the glass ceiling still exist? The female pioneers who shaped Australia – the first neurosurgeon, NRL referee, Air Force pilot and Archbishop – discuss what it takes to break new ground, how they navigated their way to the top and whether we’ve achieved equality.

3 pm – Why Do Men Earn More Than Women?

    • About the documentary: Through women’s stories from every corner and sector of society, Baroness Karren Brady (The Apprentice) uncovers the shocking truth of the gender pay gap in Britain – how early in life it starts, how unjust the consequences of this inequality can be at every pay grade and ultimately the toll it’s having on women’s lives.

7.30 pm – All-female episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

    • About the quiz show: Katherine Ryan hosts a special all-female episode celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage with Roisin Conaty, Jessica Hynes, Sara Pascoe, Lolly Adefope and Morgana Robinson.

SBS World Movies – Women In Film Collection

To celebrate International Women’s Day, SBS World Movies presents a collection of trailblazing women on both sides of the camera. Women In Film begins with Happy as Lazzaro, on Monday March 8 at 9.30 pm on SBS World Movies with the collection continuing each night onwards

  • Happy As Lazzaro (2018). Monday 8 March, 9.30 pm

This is the tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination.

  • Kuessipan (2019). Tuesday 9 March, 9.30 pm

Two girls grow up as best friends in an Innu community, and they promise each other to stick together no matter what. But their friendship is shaken when Mikuan falls for a white boy.

  • Wadjda (2012). Wednesday 10 March, 9.30 pm

A rebellious Saudi girl enters a Koran recitation competition at her school and hopes to win enough money to buy her own bicycle.

  • Colette (2018). Thursday 11 March, 9.30 pm

Set at the dawn of the modern age, Colette is the story of a woman who has been denied her voice by an overbearing man, and who will go to extraordinary lengths to find it.

  • Red Joan (2018). Friday 12 March, 9.30 pm

In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley (Academy Award® winner Dame Judi Dench), lives in contented retirement. Then suddenly her tranquil existence is shattered as she’s shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past – she is one of the most influential spies in living history.

SBS On Demand collections – March 8

If you’re looking for more viewing suggestions, two movie collections are available at SBS On Demand – Fearless Females and Female Directors. Discover over 50 movies this International Women’s Day.

From the stories of Hannah Arendt, to everyday struggles across the world, these two collections showcase a variety of powerful female protagonists in beloved and acclaimed films.

Fearless Females

  • I Am Love
  • High Heels
  • Vai
  • Still Alice (2014)
    • Linguistic professor Dr Alice Howland gets the shock of her life at the age of 50 when she tests positive for an early onset of familial Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Offside
  • Female Agents
  • Ladies
  • Hannah Arendt
  • Gloria
  • Belle (2013)
    • The illegitimate daughter of a navy admiral is trained and brought up by her aristocratic uncle and his wife. She grows up to abolish slavery in England.
  • Two Days, One Night
  • I Am Not Madame Bovary True Grit
  • Scheherazade, Tell Me A Story
  • Wadjda
  • War Witch
  • The Guardians

+ More

Spotlight On Female Directors

  • A Brother’s Love
  • Miriam Lies
  • Always Shine
  • Elephant And The Butterfly
  • Burn Burn Burn
  • Firecrackers
  • The Jane Austen Book Club
  • The Bookshop
  • In A World
  • My Brilliant Career
  • Esio Trot
  • Operation Arctic
  • Spoor
  • Fanny’s Journey
  • Elegy
  • Polina

+ more

NITV Content Highlights – March 8

9.20 pm – It Takes a Village

    • About the documentary: It Takes A Village explores maternal mortality and the risks associated with giving birth in rural areas within Papua New Guinea, where effective healthcare is limited due to a lack of infrastructure and medical facilities, difficult terrain and poor roads.