• (L - R) 'U On Demand', 'Fun On Demand', 'Noir On Demand' and more 'Fun On Demand' ;) (SBS)Source: SBS
These fool-proof new settings coming to SBS On Demand will have you seeing in Nordic Noir and put you straight into the action of your favourite shows!
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1 Apr 2021 - 5:00 AM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2021 - 5:01 AM

Today we're announcing a raft of new personalisation options for SBS On Demand audiences, with the launch of some world-first technological advancements that literally put you in the picture. Leave it to SBS On Demand to lead the way in fulfilling your imagination, as you engage with your favourite shows. The future is now. 


Noir On Demand

Can't get enough of our Nordic Noir? Same. Aside from the intrigue and the existential dread inherent within the prestige drama storylines, there's also just something about the production values that screams 'Quality', right? Right. And now, with the development of advanced grading and scene replacement technology, the 'Noir On Demand' (patent pending) setting will enable every die-hard Nordic Noir fan to bring the thrill and chill of Nordic Noir to any scene in any show. 

Brrrrr I'm feelin' the icy chill already... and I like it.


Fun On Demand

Want to watch your favourite shows with the whole family? We understand it's not always practical, given that some of our content can be a bit on the risqué side, with action and crime scenes that feature some not-very-PG objects and weaponry. What to do? A technology swap, of course!

Guns? Gone. Swords? Swapped. Weapons? Where? 

It'll be just like that time they replaced all the rifles in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial with Walkie Talkies, except this time no one will have a problem with it. Why? Because we'll be rolling out our state-of-the-art content tracking filter, 'Fun On Demand', to indiscriminately detect any elements that may be unsuitable for impressionable eyes. Finally, the kids will be able to enjoy all the action of Romulus – because it's never too early for an historical action epic spoken entirely in archaic Latin.

And that's not all! Get ready for...

U On Demand

This will be BIG. SBS On Demand is announcing the most interactive personalised user experience yet: 'U On Demand'! 

Always wanted to see the incredible lush hair and costumes of Versailles on yourself? Oui madam and monsieur! Maybe you want to be a part of the Letterkenny gang? Pitter patter! 

It takes the velocity of Deep Fake tech to an unparalleled level (and saves you a fortune in acting classes, too, if that's a career you were looking to pursue). With U On Demand you're literally the Star of the Show (albeit at the expense of the actual stars of the show).  

With SBS On Demand, you're no longer dreaming, you're streaming!


* While technology has progressed in spades, we regret to inform you that this has all been a bit of tomfoolery for April Fool's Day. And although these features are not coming there is still plenty of Nordic Noir and family friendly content (and not-so family friendly content, well signposted) to enjoy streaming free right now at SBS On Demand


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