Three of the talented team from new Australian drama series ‘The Tailings’ share their favourite shows at SBS On Demand.
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15 Apr 2021 - 1:27 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2021 - 1:27 PM

The Tailings, a story of two young women grappling with grief in a small town tucked away in Tasmania’s west coast wilderness, stars two emerging Australian talents: Tegan Stimson and Mabel Li. Stimson plays Jas, a teenager acting out after the death of her father, and convinced he was murdered, while Li is Ruby, a new teacher in town, who has her own issues to deal with. 

Li and Stimson are formidable forces at the beginnings of their acting careers; young women who portray profound human issues on screen with tenacity and grace, wrote one reviewer. So what sorts of shows and movies entertain the talented pair?  

The Tailings was created exclusively for SBS On Demand, so we asked Li and Stimson, along with series director Stevie Cruz-Martin, what their SBS On Demand favourites are. From the exploration of diversity in Gaycation to the family stories of Who Do You Think You Are, here’s what the trio have been enjoying.




“As someone who is passionate about inclusivity and making all individuals feel equal, I think it is important to expose and educate yourself as widely as possible. Gaycation allows for this as audiences are able to explore how different cultures treat the LGBTQ+ community around the world,” Stimson says. In this documentary series, actor Elliot Page (Juno, Inception) and their best friend, Ian Daniel, set off on a journey to explore LGBTQI cultures around the world, from France to America’s Deep South and India to Ukraine.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Gaycation, plus the special documentary Gaycation: United We Stand, are streaming now at SBS On Demand. Start with season 1:

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

“I picked this show because it is a gameshow I grew up with, turned into a comedy, where the result of the game is secondary. Growing up with a British dad and a humour-filled household, this show resonates with my upbringing,” Stimson says. Started as a joke in 2012, this hilarious quiz show has become a firm favourite with audiences in the UK and abroad. Hosted by Jimmy Carr and featuring a changing roster of comedians, the show is fast-paced and funny.

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown screens 7.35pm weeknights on SBS VICELAND, with episodes then available at SBS On Demand. Episodes from previous seasons are also streaming at SBS On Demand

Who Do You Think You Are

Well-known Australians go in search of their family history, discovering secrets from the past. Among those who look into the family tree are musician Troy Cassar Daley, journalist Jennifer Byrne, TV host and actor Ernie Dingo, neurosurgeon Charlie Teo and actress Asher Keddie. “I am someone who enjoys learning people’s stories and all the elements that have moulded an individual. This show does that, whilst showcasing Australia’s multiculturalism and past,” Stimson says. 

Who Do you Think You Are is streaming now at SBS On Demand




“This film really mesmerised me when it first came out. Dealing with relationships, class and gender. I found that the deliberate gentle pacing of the film subsumes you before you know it into its beguiling plot,” says Li. Inspired by a story by revered Japanese writer Haruki Marukami, this gripping South Korean film from director Lee Chang-Dong (Secret Sunshine) tells of the complicated interactions between Jongsu, a delivery boy from a poor background; Haemi, a young dancer; and Ben, a rich Korean man that Haemi meets while overseas (played by Minari lead Steven Yuan). 

'Burning': Fanning the flames of rage
A short story by revered Japanese author Haruki Murakami becomes a tantalising, slow-burning mystery-thriller from South Korean director Lee Chang-Dong, featuring a mesmerically creepy turn from Steven Yeun ('The Walking Dead').

Burning is streaming at SBS On Demand (available until 31 May). 

The Whole Table

A ground-breaking all-Indigenous panel show, co-produced by Sydney Theatre Company and NITV, this three-part series sees the panel and their guests exploring a range of issues that affect Indigenous people here in Australia and abroad. “If you didn’t catch it when it aired, here’s your chance. Hosted by the incomparable Queen, Shari Sebbens, with some stellar guest panelists. An essential watch,” says Li.

The Whole Table is streaming at SBS On Demand.


“Both very funny and entertaining whilst having lots of depth and grit. And… Donald Glover. Need I say more?” says Li of this award-winning comedy drama created, co-written, produced by and starring musician and actor Donald Glover. The brilliantly talented Glover plays Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks (Glover), a young Princeton dropout who, along with his cousin Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles (Brian Tyree Henry), breaks into Atlanta’s music industry. 

Seasons 1 and 2 of Atlanta are streaming at SBS On Demand:

Homecoming Queens

“Michelle Law is a living legend. We follow the relationship of two besties dealing with their respective experiences with chronic illness. Funny, full of heart and uplifting,” Li says of this seven-part series created and co-written by Law and her real-life bestie, Chloe Reeson. Law also appears on screen, playing the fictionalised version of herself, Michelle Low, while actress Liv Hewson plays the also similarly named Chloe Easton. In this smart, funny drama, Low is a TV presenter dealing with an alopecia diagnosis, while Easton is recovering from breast cancer and determined to make up for lost time. 

Homecoming Queens is streaming at SBS On Demand.




An Oscar nominee for best foreign language film, Capernaum (also known as Capharnaüm) is a documentary-style story from director Nadine Labaki that tells of the hard life of Zain, a young Syrian refugee in Lebanon. After Zain flees his family home, things get temporarily better, before another blow sees Zain – who’s only 12 – struggling to take care of a small toddler. “A masterpiece in modern-day cinema. The performances, story and cinematography in this film truly left a hole in my heart,” says Cruz-Martin. 

Nadine Labaki, on how 'Capernaum' has changed her life
The Oscar-nominated director is forever changed after making her tough hybrid fiction film about life on the streets for world weary Syrian refugee children.

Capernaum will screen on SBS World Movies at 3.15am on Thursday 22 April, and will be available after broadcast at SBS On Demand.     

Woman at War

“The kind of superhero I’m interested in seeing. What a sensational leading lady!” Cruz-Martin says of writer-director Benedikt Erlingsson’s film about an Icelandic environmental activist. Halla (Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir) is a popular choir director, but she’s also secretly waging war on the local aluminium industry, while about to adopt a daughter. 

'Woman at War': Environmental injustice drives one woman to revenge
Writer-director Benedikt Erlingsson's delightful follow-up to Of Horses and Men concerns a modest environmental activist determined to bring down heavy industry one electric pylon at a time.

Woman at War will screen on SBS World Movies at 1.25am on Tuesday 21 April, and will be available after broadcast at SBS On Demand  

Sunrise Ceremony

“Paying respect to the oldest living culture in the world. I am always moved by the discussion and reflection which happens throughout this broadcast,” Cruz-Martin says. The Sunrise Ceremony broadcasts from 20192020 and 2021 are all available at SBS On Demand. Broadcast on January 26 each year, the Sunrise Ceremony shares Indigenous perspectives, entertainment and culture, and gives all Australians an opportunity to enhance their understanding of our country’s past and present. 

Join John Paul Janke and Narelda Jacobs for the 2021 ceremony: 


The Tailings is an SBS Digital Original streaming now at SBS On DemandThe Tailings is also available subtitled in five different languages: Simplified ChineseArabicVietnameseHindi and Korean

Discover the secrets lurking in the solitude of new drama 'The Tailings'
Two emerging talents, a mystery and the magnificent Tasmanian wilderness star in this new drama series, exclusive to SBS On Demand.

Watch episode 1:

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