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It’s time to stop watching everything else. Put your eyeballs exclusively in front of these superb shows and movies before they disappear.
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25 Aug 2021 - 11:05 AM  UPDATED 25 Aug 2021 - 11:05 AM

1 September

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep1 – Acts Of Love

A Man In A Hurry

Becoming Bond



Life And Birth S1 Ep4–6

Our Stories S2018 Ep17 – Too Pretty To Be Aboriginal

The Ghan: Australia’s Greatest Train Journey

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes S1 Ep1–4

Get on board The Ghan: Australia’s Greatest Train Journey departing 1 September:

2 September

Our Stories S2019 Ep5 – A Photographic Exploration

The Hollars

World’s Most Luxurious Trains S1 Ep1 – Trains

3 September

A Matter Of Life And Death

Alex Polizzi The Fixer S3 Ep1–8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 Ep1 – The Good Ones

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 Ep2 – The Lake House


Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep16

I Am Steve McQueen

Jackie Chan: Building An Icon

Legends Of The Guardians

Mparntwe: Sacred Sites

Our Stories S2018 Ep18 – Stuck In Time

The Chef

The Pigeon

4 September

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool

Il Divo

Jimi: All Is By My Side

Our Stories S2018 Ep19 – The Butterfish Mob

World’s Most Luxurious Super Yachts S1 Ep2

When James Hendrix became Jimi Hendrix: check out Jimi: All Is By My Side by 4 September:

5 September


City Porn S1 Ep1 – Portland

City Porn S1 Ep2 – Las Vegas

City Porn S1 Ep3 – San Francisco

City Porn S1 Ep4 – New York

Cruising Down Under S1 Ep3

Date My Race

Drones: The Next Air Disaster?

Naa Muru Gurung

The Silver Brumby

World’s Most Luxurious Homes S1 Ep3


6 September

Bangladesh From Above


Diagnosis On Demand

How To Die A Better Death

Nintendo Quest

Outlier: The Story Of Katherine Johnson

The Doors 

Meet a maths genius who helped catapult astronauts into space, in Outlier: The Story Of Katherine Johnson till 6 September:

7 September

Dan Snow: The Tutankhamun Mystery

Easter Island: The Truth Revealed

March Of The Penguins


Kirikou And The Men And Women

Lockerbie: The Unheard Voices

The Baader Meinhof Complex

The Railway Man

Volcanoes: Dual Destruction

Watch animated children’s film, Kirikou And The Men And Women, available till 7 September:

8 September

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep2 – A Change Is Gonna Come

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep31 – Learning Curve

Anthony Zimmer


Making A Mark

Michael Mosley: What’s My Diagnosis S1 Ep1–3

Our Stories S2018 Ep20 – McMillan’s Stick

Secrets of the Department Store

Trump’s Showdown

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways S1 Ep1–6

World’s Most Luxurious Hotels S1 Ep4

9 September

Japan’s Secret Shame

Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Red Earth Uncovered S1 Ep1–13

Secrets of the Department Store

She Shears

World’s Most Luxurious Private Jets S1 Ep5 – Private Jets

10 September

Blade Of The Immortal

Burger Wars: Burger King Vs McDonalds


Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep17

I Am Bruce Lee

Our Stories S2018 Ep21 – Uncle Willie


Princess Diana’s Wicked Stepmother

Stolen Glory: The Tale Of Porky Brooke

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S5 Ep4

Vote Yes For Aborigines

Winning Time: Reggie Miller Vs The New York Knicks

Basketball documentary Winning Time: Reggie Miller Vs The New York Knicks is streaming till 10 September:

11 September

By Royal Appointment: Serving The Queen

Capricorn One

Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve S1 Ep1

Mona Lisa

Our Stories S2017 Ep2 – Atnangkere, Our Cave

Our Stories S2018 Ep22 – Clay

Roman J Israel Esq

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep1 – Jonestown Cult Suicide

Sperm Banks and Single Mums with Vogue

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S9 Ep1–13

World’s Most Luxurious Cars S1 Ep6

12 September

Brad’s Status

Hawaiian: The Legend Of Eddie Aikau

Mars S2 Ep1 – We Are Not Alone

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

The Imposter

Tia And Piujuq

Trains That Changed The World S1 Ep1–4 

Catch enchanting Canadian film Tia and Piujuq, streaming till 12 September:

13 September

Asterix: The Mansions Of The Gods

Blood Of The Clans S1 Ep1–3

Building The Ultimate S1 Ep1–6

Kilauea: Hawaii On Fire

March Of The Penguins 2

Our Stories S2017 Ep4 – Our First Socceroo: Harry Williams

The Contraceptive Pill: How Safe Is it?

The Edge Of Darkness

14 September


Beyond Boobs

Our Stories S2 Ep5 – Uncle Grumps Fisher

Our Stories S2 Ep7 – Yumba Knchee

Roman Megastructures S1 Ep1–3 (Lyon, Arles, Paris)

Summer Of 92

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

The Red Balloon

Drift away with classic French film, The Red Balloon till 14 September:

15 September

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep3 – The Cards We’re Dealt

Mars S2 Ep2 – Worlds Apart

Michael Mosley On Cosmetic Treatments S1 Ep1–2

Michael Mosley: What’s My Diagnosis S1 Ep4

Our Stories S2018 Ep23 – Jade Runner

The Price of Protest

16 September

For My Father’s Kingdom

Mars S2 Ep3 – Darkness Falls

The Act S1 Ep1–8

The Importance Of Being Earnest

The Thief Of Bagdad

Trump’s American Carnage

Who Do You Think You Are? S10 Ep6 – Kurt Fearnley

Critically acclaimed US drama series The Act is streaming till 16 September:

17 September

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 Ep3 – Blue Flu

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 Ep4 – Balancing

Gigantes S1 Ep1­–6

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep18 – Underarmour With Aj

I Am Evel Knievel

Kung Fu Jungle

Our Stories S2017 Ep6 – Beni Bjah

Our Stories S2018 Ep24 – John Burns

Tsunamis: Facing a Global Threat

Without Bias

18 September

Ideal Home

Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve S1 Ep2

Marn Grook

Mars S2 Ep4 – Contagion

Our Stories S2018 Ep25 – Rhonda Radley

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep2 – Fire In The Cockpit

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep7 – Nagasaki – The Forgotten Bomb

The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp

Learn about the history of Aboriginal athletes in Aussie Rules football in Marn Grook, streaming till 18 September:

19 September

Big Name, No Blanket

Haute Cuisine

Le Brio

Mars S2 Ep5 – Power Play


Our Stories S2017 Ep8 – Cissie

Stockman’s Strategy

Vogue Australia: Sixty Years Through The Lens 1

20 September

Cannabis: Drug Or Miracle Medicine?

Drink Wars: Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi

Killer In Our Classroom: Never Again

Our Stories S2 Ep9 – Celestine Rowe

Songlines on Screen – Marrimarrigun

The Longest Yard

The X-Files S6 Ep1 – The Beginning

The X-Files S6 Ep2 – Drive

Top Ten Mummies Of Egypt

Top Ten Treasures Of Pompeii

Trust Me S1 Ep1–4

21 September

Every Family Has A Secret S2 Ep1–3

Life And Death Row S1 Ep1 – Execution

Our Stories S2 Ep10 – Gary Lui

Our Stories S2017 Ep12 – The Dow Brothers

Queen Victoria’s Children S1 Ep1–2


The Last Diamond

Tony Robinson: Egyptian Tomb Hunting S1 Ep1–2


World War Speed

22 September

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep4 – Do The Right Thing

E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

Josephine Baker: Story Of An Awakening

Mars S2 Ep6 ­– The Shake Up

North To South: NZ’s Wildest Journey

Our Stories S2018 Ep26 – George Hayes Territory

Through The Wormhole S4 Ep1–8

Morgan Freeman hosts Through The Wormhole all about the mysteries of our Universe, streaming till 22 September:

23 September

Australia With Julia Bradbury S1 Ep1–8



No Distinguishing Features

Secrets Of Nazi U-Boat Bases

24 September

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep19 – Te Teko/ Murupara

Our Stories S2 Ep11 – Apakatjah – Cast In Half

Our Stories S2018 Ep27 – Same, Same. But Different.

Sheep Without A Shepherd

The Butterfish Mob S6 Ep1 

25 September

Bosch S7 Ep1–8


Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve S1 Ep3

Our Stories S2018 Ep28 – Yindyamarra Trail Tales

Seconds From Disaster S4 Ep2 – Pearl Harbor

Seconds From Disaster S4 Ep3 – Alpine Collision

Seconds From Disaster S4 Ep4 – Paddington Rail Disaster

Seconds From Disaster S4 Ep5 – Death In Mid-Air

Seconds From Disaster S4 Ep6 – Bhopal

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep3 – Black Hawk Down

Watergate S1 Ep1–6

Bosch. Watch it. That is all. You have till 25 September to devour season 7:

26 September

Hitler Youth S1 Ep1–2

Our Stories S2017 Ep13 – Rosemary Wanganeen

Sunny And The Dark Horse

The Fifth Element 

27 September

A United Kingdom

Arabian Sands S1 Ep1–3

Arming America’s Teachers

Cruising With Jane McDonald S4 Ep1–4

Hunt For The Wilderpeople


Our Stories S2017 Ep14 – Julie Okely

The Payback

The X-Files S6 Ep3 – Triangle

The X-Files S6 Ep4 – Dreamland Part 1

The X-Files S6 Ep5 – Dreamland Part 2

WWII: Battles For Europe S1 Ep1–8 

French documentary The Payback charts the growth of hip-hop culture, streaming till 27 September:

28 September

Harbour From The Holocaust

Life And Death Row S1 Ep2

Our Stories S2 Ep17 – Gutinarra Djalkiri: The Journey Of Gutinarra

Our Stories S2017 Ep15 – Wandawuy Dhapi

Raffles: Remaking An Icon S1 Ep1

The Devil’s Double

The Rise Of The Superstorms

We Bugged Hitler’s Phone

29 September

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep5 – Man Down

Manje Bistre

Mums Make Porn Germany S1 Ep1–2

Our Stories S6 Ep1 – Clay

Our Stories S6 Ep2 – Deadly Dads

Our Stories S6 Ep3 – Jade Runner

The Curse Of Oak Island S5 Ep1–22

The Last Hours of Pompeii S1 Ep1 – New Discoveries

30 September


3000 Nights

A Promise

A World In Disarray


Angel Heart

Apart Together

Arsene Lupin


Atlanta S1 Ep1–10

Atlanta S2 Ep1–10

Watch seasons 1 and 2 of multi Golden Globe award-winning comedy drama Atlanta streaming till 30 September:

Australia’s Shame



Broken Hill

Butterfly S1 Ep1–3

Card Stories S1 Ep1–3

Cat Ladies

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding


Dean Spanley


Eat Drink Man Woman

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Esio Trot

Female Agents

Forever Enthralled


Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse

Horses Of God

How The Mp3 Changed Music

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep20 – Premium Meats

In The Shadows

Inside The X-Files

Ip Man

Jackie Robinson S1 Ep1

Junction 48



Lemon Tree

Little Jerusalem

Luxury Car


Medici: Masters Of Florence S1 Ep1–8

Medici: The Magnificent S2 Ep1–8

Lavish drama series Medici: Masters of Florence (season 1) and Medici: The Magnificent Part I (season 2) are streaming till 30 September:

Near Dark

Our Little Sister

Party Of Five S1 Ep1–10



Pros And Cons S1 Ep1–10

Public Enemy S1 Ep1–10

Public Enemy S2 Ep1–10

Purple Butterfly


Red Nights

Red Satin


Scheherazade, Tell Me A Story

Seconds From Disaster S5 Ep1 – The Bismarck

Seconds From Disaster S5 Ep2 – Mountain Tsunami

Seconds From Disaster S5 Ep3 – Waco Cult

Seconds From Disaster S5 Ep4 – Fukushima

Seconds From Disaster S5 Ep6 – Mumbai Massacre

Sex In Lockdown

Shinjuku Incident




The Assassin

The Crow’s Egg

The Day I Saw Your Heart

The Fog

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Four

The Four Musketeers: The Revenge Of Milady

The Idol

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S10 Ep1–13

The Last Hours of Pompeii S1 Ep2 – New Enigmas

The Little Witch

The Lovers On The Pont-Neuf

The Man From Hong Kong

The Names Of Love

The String

The Work

The X-Files S5 Ep1–20

Three Times

Upside Down


Fall in love with Saudi Arabian film Wadjda streaming till 30 September:

We Need To Talk About Kevin

What’s The Matter With Tony Slattery?

When I Saw You

Whisky Galore




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