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Catch these brilliant series, films and documentaries before they depart SBS On Demand in October.
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22 Sep 2021 - 3:21 PM  UPDATED 22 Sep 2021 - 3:21 PM

1 October

Arthur And The Two Worlds War

Our Stories 2017: Muna Garruugaray (Salt Water Woman)


The Rise Of The Clans S1 Ep1 – The Bruce Supremacy

The Rise Of The Clans S1 Ep2 – Brothers At War

The Rise Of The Clans S1 Ep3 – A Queen Betrayed

The Young Victoria

2 October

Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve S1 Ep4

Our Stories S2018 Ep31 – Kumalie

The Final Quarter

The Secret Of Kells

3 October

Asterix And Obelix In Britain

Map To Paradise

The Orville S1 Ep1–12

WACO: Madman Or Messiah? Ep1 and Ep2

When The River Runs Dry

White Lion

Woman Raised By Monkeys S1 Ep1 and Ep2

Season 1 of The Orville is out of here on 3 October:


4 October

Buwarrala Aryah


Farewell My Queen

Mon Oncle

One Thousand Ropes

Sam Watson – The Street Fighting Years

The X-Files S6 Ep7 – Terms Of Endearment

5 October

Anxiety Epidemic with Vogue

Life And Death Row S1 Ep3 – Crisis Stage

Locked Up: Teens Behind Bars S1 Ep1–3


The X-Files S6 Ep8 – The Rain King

Unsinkable: Japan’s Lost Battleship

6 October

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep6 – Walk On The Wild Side

False Confessions

Hand Talk Bush Hunt

Our Stories S2018 Ep32 – Japanangka

Sinkholes: Deadly Drops S2 Ep1 – Sucked Underground

7 October

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep23 – Endless Love

9/11: Escape From The Impact Zone

A Matter Of Life And Death

Date With An Angel

Karla Grant Presents: Our Law


Policing The Police

Splendour And Misery: The Last Tsarinas

8 October

Ali’s Wedding

Hunt For The Kaiser’s Superfleet

Our Stories 2017: Songman

Princess Anne At 70

9 October

Black Narcissus

Great Asian Railways Journeys S1 Ep1–10

Ranger To Ranger

The Great Train Robbery The Hidden Tapes

The Virus: What Went Wrong?

1947 classic Black Narcissus starring Deborah Kerr is streaming till 9 October:


10 October

Follow The Rock

I Am Love

Inside Hitler’s Bunker The Last Archives

Returning Our Ancestors

Storm Boy

11 October

9/11: Control the Skies

Etched In Bone

Forsaken Places S1 Ep1–4

Robinson Crusoe

The Ceremony: Dominatrix Of France

The Hunt

The X-Files S6 Ep9 – S.R. 819

The X-Files S6 Ep10 – Tithonus

Tom Cruise – Body And Soul

12 October

9/11: 102 Minutes That Changed America

Above The Law

Dating A Sugar Daddy with Vogue



Life And Death Row S2 Ep1 – Execution

Man on Wire

Native America S1 Ep1–4

Songlines on Screen – Niminjarra

The A350: Star Of The Skies

The Blitz: Britain On Fire S1 Ep1

The Gambler

The Light Between Oceans

The X-Files S6 Ep11 – Two Fathers

Romantic movie The Light Between Oceans is leaving on 12 October:


13 October

10 Mistakes That Sank The Titanic

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep7 – Look Both Ways

24 Hours In Emergency S17 Ep1 – Lead By Example

Australia Come Fly With Me S1 Ep1–3

Australia Come Fly With Me (Arabic) S1 Ep1–3

How To Lose Weight Well S4 Ep4–5

Our Stories S2019 Ep1 – First Time Home

Sinkholes: Deadly Drops S2 Ep2 – Cities On The Brink

The Supervet S7 Ep1

This Beautiful Fantastic

Justine Clarke presents three-part documentary series Australia Come Fly With Me streaming till 13 October:


14 October

Covid Nations


Hand Talk Trilogy

Karla Grant Presents S1 Ep42 – True North Calling – Taking Risks


The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

The Secret Life of Peter The Great S3 Ep6

What Makes A Woman

15 October

Dwyane Wade – Life Unexpected

Erik and Erika


Kirikou And The Sorceress

Our Stories S2017 Ep16 – Spinifex Rangers

Songlines on Screen – The Greedy Emu

Taxi Driver


16 October

Our Stories S2019 Ep2 – Inside Out

Our Stories S2019 Ep3 – Chris’s Torch

Tom Thumb

17 October

11 Minutes

Britain’s Most Historic Towns S2 Ep3–6


My Life As I Live It

Ngumpin Kartiya

Our Stories S2017 Ep18 – Erub, Island Of Fire

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S3 Ep1–13

18 October

Charlie Countryman

Do Planes Need Pilots?

Our Stories S2 Ep19 – Striking Pearls

Secret Life Of The Cruise Ship

Songlines on Screen – Desert Dingo

The Blitz: Britain On Fire S1 Ep2

The Fifth Region

The Lives And Deaths Of Sonny Liston

The Straight Story

The X-Files S6 Ep12 – One Son

The X-Files S6 Ep13 – Agua Mala

19 October

Batman And Bill

Fox News: Divide And Conquer


Life And Death Row S2 Ep2 – Punishment

Michael Mosley: Eat, Fast & Live Longer

Our Stories S2017 Ep20 – Manganna’s Calling

Our Time Will Come

Peace River Rising

Sperm Banks and Single Mums with Vogue

Sydney Harbour Patrol S1 Ep1–2

The Blitz: Britain On Fire S1 Ep3

The X-Files S6 Ep14 – Monday

Fox News: Divide And Conquer is streaming till 19 October:


20 October

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep8 – A Road Less Travelled

24 Hours In Emergency S17 Ep2 – Sacrifice

9/11: Escape From The Towers

A Monster In Paris

From The Western Frontier S3 Ep1–2

Our Stories S7 Ep1 – Inside Out

Our Stories S7 Ep2 – Rapping It Up

Sink Or Swim

Sinkholes: Deadly Drops S2 Ep3 – Living In The Danger Zone

The 250 Million Pound Cancer Cure

The Supervet S7 Ep2 – Saving Noel’s Dog

The Surrogates S1 Ep1–3

Warm Bodies

21 October

Back To Burgundy

Guru Of Go

Karla Grant Presents S1 Ep43 – True North Calling: Living Off The Land

The Cobbler

The Great Escape With Guy Martin

The Illusionist

Who Do You Think You Are? Cameron Daddo S11 Ep3

Who Do You Think You Are? Lisa Curry S11 Ep4

Who Do You Think You Are? Denise Scott S11 Ep5

Who Do You Think You Are? Kat Stewart S11 Ep6

Who Do You Think You Are? Julie Bishop S11 Ep7

Who Do You Think You Are? Troy Cassar-Daley S11 Ep8

22 October

Anote’s Ark

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 Ep4–9

Free In Deed

Our Stories S2017 Ep21 – Beneath Kukuwam Smiles

Our Stories S2019 Ep5 – A Photographic Exploration

Red Joan


Tony Robinson’s World By Rail S2 Ep1–6

Final season episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine stream till 22 October:


23 October

My Brilliant Career

Our Stories S2017 Ep22 – My Athe Is A Fruit Vendor

Our Stories S2019 Ep6 – A Living Legacy: Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil

The Fireflies Are Gone

24 October

Clinton’s Walk For Justice

Etthen Heldeli: Caribou Eaters

Our Stories S2017 Ep23 – Deline Briscoe

25 October

American Runestone: A Viking Mystery S2 Ep1–6

QE2: The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel S1 Ep1–2

Through The Wormhole S3 Ep1–9

26 October

Cheating Hitler: Surviving The Holocaust S1 Ep1–2

First Footprints S1 Ep1–4

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Life And Death Row S2 Ep3 – Truth

Little Nicolas

Mission Galapagos S1 Ep1–3

Saving Seagrass

The Miniaturist S1 Ep1–3

Australian documentary series First Footprints is available till 26 October:


27 October

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep9 – From This Day Forward

24 Hours In Emergency S17 Ep3 – Someone To Talk To

John Pilger: The Dirty War On the NHS

Jour De Fete

L.A. Story

Our Stories 2019 – Bima 1 – A Living Legacy: Kaiziâ’s Traditional Coconut Oil

Our Stories S2019 Ep7 – The Keepers

Sinkholes: Deadly Drops S2 Ep4 – The Terror Beneath Our Feet

The Keeper S2019 Ep2

The Supervet S7 Ep3 – Betsy Ward And Angel Darling

28 October



How Mad Are You? (Arabic) S1 Ep1–2

Karla Grant Presents S1 Ep44 – True North Calling: Next Steps

The Kimberley Man

Urban Native Girl S1 Ep1–13

29 October

Greek Island Odyssey With Bettany Hughes S1 Ep1–6

Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Our Stories S2019 Ep8 – Into The Future

Power Meri


What’s The Catch With Matthew Evans S1 Ep1–3

30 October


Ip Man

Our Stories S2019 Ep9 – Big Al’s Big Dream

The Graduate

The Vikings Uncovered

31 October

7 Up

14 Up

21 Up

28 Up

35 Up

42 Up

49 Ep

56 Up

63 Up

Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games S1–S3

American Insurrection

Back To Life S1 Ep1–6


Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian 2

Belle And Sebastian 3

Blue Murder S1 Ep1–Ep2

Bruce Lee: Be Water

Curse Of The Mummy

Death Of The Pyramids

Escalation Sensation

Escaping Polygamy S1 Ep1–Ep8



Female Pleasure


Guerrilla S1 Ep1–Ep6

Hunt For Queen Nefertiti


Inside Marks And Spencer

Ip Man 2

Land Of The Bears

Last Chance Harvey

Like Crazy

Lost Gold Of World War II S1 Ep1–Ep8

Margin Call

Mary And Mike S1 Ep1–Ep6

Chilean drama series Mary and Mike is on till 31 October:

Mysteries Of The Sphinx

Naa Muru Gurung

On Board Britain’s Nuclear Submarine

Pandemic 2020 S1 Ep1–Ep3

Pluto: Back From The Dead

Ramses The Great Empire Builder


Samurai Marathon

Search For Cleopatra

Secrets Of The Pyramids

Secrets Of Tutankhamun

Tai Chi 0

Tai Chi Hero

The Cannibal Club

The Captain

The City Of Lost Children

The Crimson Rivers S1 Ep1–8

The Eagle Has Landed

The Good, The Bad, The Hungry

The Man Who Knew Infinity

The Orator

The Red Shadows S1 Ep1–Ep6

The Red Shoes

The Tree Of Life

The X-Files S6 Ep16 – Alpha

The X-Files S6 Ep17 – Trevor

Toa Hunter Gatherer S1 Ep1–Ep6

Vox Lux

Wheels Of Wonder

World’s Most Extraordinary Homes S2 Ep1–8

French series Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games seasons 1–3 leave on 31 October:


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