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Eye-opening, engaging, challenging and transporting – it's all here in the Best of 2021 Docos Collection, now streaming at SBS On Demand.
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Couples Therapy

Steering clear of reality show caricatures this documentary series from the US follows four couples in their weekly therapy sessions. Guided by world-class therapist, Dr Orna Guralnik, the couples move through struggles, confrontations and breakthroughs. This insightful series unlocks the hidden world of other people's relationships. This is real, not manufactured and doesn't feel as voyeuristic as you might think. Plus, there is a COVID lockdown special where Dr Guralnik continued working with her clients via Zoom sessions.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Couples Therapy (including the COVID special) are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Inside Central Station: Australia's Busiest Railway 

It's SBS, so there has to be something related to trains on this list! A 10-part documentary narrated by Shane Jacobson, this immersive observational series gives us unique access to Sydney's Central Station including inside the hub of the Rail Operations Centre, known as The ROC, and on the tracks and platforms of the vast network. Inside Central Station: Australia's Busiest Railway blends unscripted high-stakes drama with extraordinary engineering marvels, introduces us to memorable diverse characters who are passionate about their jobs, shares quirky moments and brings a strong sense of Australian history.

Inside Central Station: Australia's Busiest Railway is now streaming at SBS On Demand (also available with ArabicKoreanVietnameseTraditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese subtitles).



People can't get enough of this extreme solitary competition. Ten hardcore survivalists alone in the wilderness – no camera crew, no teams, no producers – on a single mission to stay alive. At stake is $500,000 for the person who can last the longest. However, unlike genre progenitor Survivor, these folks really are alone; each contestant is in their own patch of wilderness and self-recording their efforts to live in the wild (everyone has a satellite phone for emergency use). It's a tough gig; competitors regularly lose around 30 per cent of their body mass due to low caloric intake, and medical evacuations are common. Season 7 ups the stakes – the prize is now $1 million cash, and to win, you must last the full 100 days. We couldn't do it, but we sure love watching the contestants try.

Alone seasons 1–7 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


What Does Australia Really Think About

In a ground-breaking documentary series, SBS seeks to explore how stigma and prejudice impact the lives of millions of Australians, by getting to the heart of what people really think about disability, old people and obesity. Three-part series What Does Australia Really Think About… is hosted by Kurt Fearnley, Noni Hazlehurst and Casey Donovan. This new series uses surveys reviewed by the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and La Trobe University to reveal where Australians stand on these three topics. The results paint a clear picture of how stereotypes and misconceptions are still incredibly prevalent in Australian society.

SBS asks: 'What Does Australia Really Think About' ….Disability? Old People? Obesity?
This new documentary series hosted by Kurt Fearnley, Noni Hazlehurst and Casey Donovan premieres 18 August, 8.30pm on SBS.

What Does Australia Really Think About... is now streaming at SBS On Demand (also available with ArabicKoreanVietnameseSimplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese subtitles).


See What You Made Me Do

Australians have responded in droves to this vital examination of the nation's domestic abuse epidemic. Investigative journalist Jess Hill draws upon themes explored in her award-winning book of the same name, to ignite crucial conversations about domestic abuse and unpack the strategies that can work to make perpetrators accountable, and protect those most at risk. Travelling across and outside Australia, Jess explores radical innovations which could make a seismic difference to curbing this crisis in our homes.

‘See What You Made Me Do’ confronts our domestic abuse crisis
Investigative journalist Jess Hill hosts this landmark three-part series, during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. Premieres Wednesday 5 May on SBS, NITV and SBS On Demand.

See What You Made Me Do is now streaming at SBS On Demand (also available with ArabicHindiKoreanPunjabi and Simplified Chinese subtitles).



Sometimes, what goes up comes down hard. This two-part documentary from Emmy award-winning filmmaker Marina Zenovich features candid interviews with Lance Armstrong, his family and former teammates about his battle with testicular cancer, Tour de France victories and dramatic downfall after being exposed in a widespread doping scandal.

Two-part documentary Lance is now streaming at SBS On Demand


Travel Man

We couldn't travel out of the country, but we could travel without mercy! Comedian Richard Ayoade is the deadpan and yet engaging host of this offbeat travel show. Just as stimulating as the destinations is Ayoade's deft wordsmithing in his descriptions of them. Spending 48 hours in a (usually European) city with Ayoade is a (usually comedian) guest. The dynamics between the travellers can oscillate wildly, which is part of the adventure. Guests include Lee MackNoel FieldingPaul RuddKatherine Ryan and Matt Lucas. So join Ayoade (and his various companions) as he makes travel more efficient and takes a ruthless approach to getting the maximum out of a mini break. 

Travel Man seasons 1–9 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.



One of the 20th century's most famous and influential authors, his myth was as legendary as his writing. But as this new documentary about Ernest Hemingway contends, 'Hemingway the man was much more interesting than Hemingway the myth'. Examining the visionary work and turbulent, eventful life of Hemingway, acclaimed documentary filmmakers Ken Burns (Country Music - also streaming at SBS On Demand) and Lynn Novick reveal the brilliant, ambitious, charismatic and complicated man behind the myth.

Three-part documentary Hemingway is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


First Ladies

Each episode of this six-part documentary focuses on the life of a First Lady – Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michelle Obama. With in-depth interviews, rare archival footage and compelling recreations, the series explores how each woman was transformed by their years at the heart of American power and the mark each left on their nation. While they certainly helped shape their husband's legacy, this series uncovers the pivotal, often hidden moments that shaped each woman's own journey.

Six-part series First Ladies is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Addicted Australia

Addicted Australia focuses on 10 Australians and their families as they battle addiction. With the 10 signed up to a unique six-month treatment program, the four-part documentary series follows their heart-wrenching journey from despair to hope and possible recovery. 

Addicted Australia is now streaming at SBS on Demand. The four-part documentary series is also available with Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese subtitles.

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