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June offers up exciting new drama and true crime series, a live cycling event and some laughs to round out the month. Here we go!
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30 May 2022 - 9:23 AM  UPDATED 23 Jun 2022 - 10:40 AM

A Class Apart

At Sweden’s most elite boarding school, the Zebra Club is a secret society for super rich kids. The day after their hazing of two new members, one ends up dead. Met with walls of silence from the school community, heads turn to the local public school kids for leads on whodunnit. When one of her disadvantaged students is accused, Sara Boden (Aliette Opheim, Patriot, Fortitude) lashes out on social media, leading to her being offered a job at the upper class establishment to quell critics. She takes it, keen to go behind the walls and take down the power structure from within. This is a thrilling eight-parter from masters of television.

A Class Apart premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



The Orville

We soon fell in love with this hybrid of comedy and sci-fi, chockfull of characters from all corners of the galaxy. Seth McFarlane’s much-loved homage to Star Trek returns with this hotly anticipated third season, and we are on board for the ride, 400 years into the future. With The Orville, it’s nice to know you’re guaranteed laughs. Episodes are fast-tracked from the US, so we won’t miss a beat.

Six reasons to head into space with 'The Orville' S3
Season 3 of creator and star Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi series is finally here. We're ready to strap in and take off.

Season 3 of The Orville premieres at 8.30pm on SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand on Friday 3 June. Episodes air weekly. Dive in now. (Seasons 1 and 2 are also streaming at SBS On Demand.)



Live Event: Critérium du Dauphiné

It’s cycling season, and SBS will be live streaming the UCI World Tour event, Critérium du Dauphiné, an eight-stage road race held in the mountainous south-east of France. A solid warm-up to July’s Tour de France, see the best in the world test their mettle. Visit the SBS Sport website for all the details on how to watch the Critérium du Dauphiné, and other upcoming cycling events.

Stage 1 of the Critérium du Dauphiné airs live from 9.05pm on SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand on Sunday 5 June. Stages 2–8 air live from around 10.55pm on SBS and SBS On Demand on Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June, inclusive. Check your local guide for details or bookmark the SBS Sport website.


How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley

With more people than ever reporting struggling with sleep, Michael Mosley uses the latest science to explore how poor sleep impacts our health, and what we can do to improve the quality of our sleep.

How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley premieres exclusively in Australia at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand on Thursday 9 June. Watch it anytime at SBS On Demand.


D.I. Ray

When police officer Rachita Ray is promoted to join a homicide investigation, she soon realises it may be more to do with her heritage than skill set. Nevertheless, she’s determined to help solve this ‘culturally specific’ case. Her colleagues might underestimate her, but she’s had to work harder than anyone thus far. This particular case sees her wandering into the world of organised crime, and presents plenty of challenges for her to rise to. The always solid Parminder Nagra (Bend It Like Beckham, Fortitude) stars in this chewy lead role.   

20 years after ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, Parminder Nagra scores as D.I. Ray
D.I. Ray is no token, and in ‘Line of Duty’ creator Maya Sondhi’s new series, the newly promoted detective earns her respect the old-fashioned way: hard graft.

Four-part UK series D.I. Ray premieres exclusively in Australia at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand, Thursday 9 June. Episodes air weekly on SBS. All four episodes are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


The Blackout: Tomorrow Is Too Late

This thrilling German series is based on Marc Elsberg’s worldwide bestseller. When Europe is plunged into darkness one cold November night, former hacker Pierre Manzano (Moritz Bleibtreu, Run Lola Run) realises a malicious code he wrote decades ago is to blame. But when he tries to warn authorities of the impending disaster, investigators make him their prime suspect. Meanwhile, head of the German crisis response team, Frauke Michelsen (Marie Leuenberger) is in a world of pain, not only due to the blackout and its potentially disastrous consequences, but because her young twins have gone missing. There’s plenty to get stuck into here, and the strong leads will keep you watching till the very end of this six-parter.

Europe is plunged into darkness in 'Blackout: Tomorrow is Too Late'
The past catches up with a former hacker as Europe loses power in this international drama series, based on a best-selling novel.

The Blackout: Tomorrow Is Too Late premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Shot in black and white, this ‘smooth talking’ dark Finnish comedy took out best series at CanneSeries 2021. At the centre of things is successful CEO, Maria, who is happy in love: she has a different man for each day of the week. But when she falls for newcomer to town, Juho, she is faced with a conundrum: How will she fit him into her schedule? As the show’s artistic director says, Mister8 is ‘as bizarre as it is eccentric’. The radiant Krista Kosonen (who we know and love from Beforeigners, now streaming at SBS On Demand) plays Maria.

When you fall for a woman with seven boyfriends, you end up as ‘Mister8’
One woman, eight men, seven days a week. ‘Mister8’ looks at a relationship that doesn’t quite add up.

Mister8 premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Lovers of true crime, put this stranger-than-fiction French series on the top of your list. In the 1990s, two fatal house fires – one in Canada and one in Switzerland – were too eerily similar, leading three journalists to investigate further. They found the connection, a cult called The Order of the Solar Temple. Followers believed that through suicide they’d be transported to the star Sirius to live out their afterlife. Lead journalist Arnaud Bédat takes us through the bizarre story that made worldwide headlines, as we hear from police officers, judges and former sect members.

Sirius premieres exclusively in Australia at 10.10pm on SBS VICELAND, Tuesday 14 June. Episodes air weekly on SBS VICELAND. All four episodes are now streaming at SBS On Demand.  


House of Maxwell

Spanning five decades, this three-parter explores the dramatic downfall and unravelling of UK media mogul Robert Maxwell and his family. Covering past scandals, including mysterious deaths and criminal trials, right up to the most recent case against convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell, the BBC documentary not only tells the staggering story of this notorious family, but offers a reflection on shifting attitudes to money, sex and power.  

Dive into the scandalous stories collection at SBS On Demand
When scandal strikes, we are drawn to the unfolding drama. Dive into this intriguing collection of drama series and documentaries, now streaming at SBS On Demand.

House of Maxwell premieres exclusively in Australia at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand on Thursday 16 June. Episodes air weekly.


Raw Comedy 2022

The country’s largest and most prestigious open mic comedy competition, RAW Comedy sees hundreds of our funniest folk give their 5 minutes of original material a red-hot go. Comedians including Hannah Gadsby, Ronny Chieng, Celia Pacquola, Matt Okine, Anne Edmonds, Becky Lucas and Aaron Chen have all won in the past, catapulting them to being household names today.

The RAW Comedy 2022 grand final took place at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April, and we’re proud to show the full event. Hosted by Nikki Britton.

Raw Comedy 2022 Grand Final is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Who Do You Think You Are? 

We welcome the thirteenth season of this popular genealogy show. This season we delve into the family histories of well-known and much-loved Australians including chef Matt Moran, actor Paula Duncan and Eurovision’s own Myf Warhurst. Episodes will also be available with subtitles in Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese. Season 13 kicks off with actor and director, Simon Baker.

Season 13 of Who Do You Think You Are? premieres exclusively in Australia on SBS and SBS On Demand at 7.30pm from Tuesday 21 June. Episodes air weekly. 



Earlier this year, Wisting returned with part 1 of season 2. Now, part 2 is here. We follow Norwegian homicide detective William Wisting (Sven Nordin) and his journalist daughter Line also returns. Based on best-selling books The Caveman and The Hunting Dogs by Jørn Lier Horst.

Full seasons 1 and 2 of Wisting are now streaming at SBS On Demand. Dive into season 2:

Or start from season 1: