The Riddler frames a heist (SBS VICELAND)

The SBS Channel Manager pops his head into BATMANLAND to make sure the podcast is running smoothly...and to nerd out over Batman.

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Fiona Williams, Nick Bhasin
File size
27 min 37 sec

Biff, bam, pow! SBS channel manager Ben Nguyen talks to us about his lifelong love of Batman, and he brings along the props to prove it. We also solve the puzzles within ‘A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away’ / ‘When the Rat’s Away The Mice Will Play’.

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Double episodes of Batman 1966 air at 6:30pm on SBS VICELAND. Of course, if you aren't inclined to watch the show at the SAME BAT TIME and on the SAME BAT CHANNEL, you'll be able to watch the series after it airs on SBS ON DEMAND.