Is this a stick-up? (SBS VICELAND)

A mystery villain threatens Gotham this week, but joining us to shed some light on 'Batman' is Benjamin Riley who explors Batman from a queer perspective.

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Dan Barrett, Fiona Williams
Published on
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 18:30
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31 min 39 sec

Watch the credits on this week's episodes of Batman and you'll find the actor playing the villainous False Face is credited as "?". Which celebrity actor was convinced to play Batman's faceless rogue? We reveal all on this week's BATMANLAND podcast as we discuss the episodes True or False-Face and Holy Rat Race.

Joining hosts Dan and Fiona on the podcast is writer and host of the Queers podcast Benjamin Riley. Riley offers his thoughts on the show as a queer text and how the book Seduction of The Innocent may have had the opposite effect on Batman than intended.

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