Riddle me this! Who is purple and is concerned she's made a terrible career decision? (SBS VICELAND)

Local Publisher and longtime artist on The Phantom Glenn Ford talks Batman with us. 

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Dan Barrett, Nick Bhasin
Published on
Friday, September 29, 2017 - 18:30
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32 min 12 sec

Riddle me this, podcast listener! What’s 32 minutes long and focuses on the Batman episodes The Ring of Wax and Give ‘em The Axe? That’s right, it’s this week's BATMANLAND where hosts Dan and Nick are joined by Glenn Ford. Australian comic book fans will know Glenn well as an artist of countless Phantom comics covers. He’s now recently become a co-owner of Frew Comics, the local company that publishes The Phantom in Australia. 

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