TV's greatest power couple: Liberace and Aunt Harriet, (SBS VICELAND)

Giving the audience exactly what they want, Batman this week offers two Liberace's.

Dan Barrett
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Fiona Williams, Dan Barrett
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28 min 43 sec

It's a very special Batman this week with Liberace doing double duty as the villainous Harry AND his musical superstar twin brother Chandell. 

While Bruce Wayne is off on a camping retreat with a male friend, Aunt Harriet gets mixed up in Harry's plotting. After bumbling police work by Commissioner Gordon, Bruce and his young ward Dick Grayson are forced into action as Batman and Robin to prevent misdeeds at a Wayne Foundation charity event and to rescue Dick's elderly aunt.

Liberace is given the opportunity to show off his skills on the piano ivories, while also doing some surprisingly good split screen work appearing on screen as the twin brothers.

We discuss this amazing two-part episode on this week's BATMANLAND podcast. Joining Fiona and Dan on the podcast this week is ABC Gold Coast Mornings presenter Nicole Dyer who loves a dark Batman almost as much as she loves a camp Liberace.

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