Riddle me this: What happens if you can't use The Riddler due to a contractual dispute with an actor? Enter: The Puzzler.

Dan Barrett
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Friday, March 2, 2018 - 18:18
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38 min 20 sec

One of the biggest stars from the 60s Batman series was Frank Gorshin, who played The Riddler. Following his time in the first season of the show and his featured role in the 1966 Batman movie, Gorshin understood how popular he was and wanted to be compensated appropriately. But the producers weren't so keen to open their purse. Instead, throughout season 2 there were a number of scripts written to feature The Riddler, but they had to be altered at the last moment when they couldn't get Gorshin.

This is one of those episodes. Appearing for the first and only time on the show is Maurice Evans as The Puzzler. Basically, he's exactly the same as The Riddler, only without the green spandex costume.

Joining Dan and Nick to discuss these episodes is their pal and SBS PopAsia host Andy Trieu. 

Stay tuned for the end of the episode where we grill Andy Trieu about the changing face of K-Pop. It's a fascinating chat.


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