Women want him. Men want to be him. Of course, there's also men who want him and women who want to be him. Batman is such a hunk. (SBS VICELAND)

Two villains. Three episodes! This is the most epic Batman story-line yet and thankfully the BATMANLAND podcast is here to help you channel the excitement.

Dan Barrett
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When the Batman TV show started airing in 1966, it aired half-hour installments on Wednesday and Thursday nights with an 'epic' cliff-hanger on the Wednesday night encouraging viewers to watch the next night. In the second season on 11 January 1967, Batman did something different. It started the first night of a 3-part episode.


(In one of the cliffhangers, Robin is almost eaten by a giant clam. No, really.)

Could any one villain be fiendish enough to keep Batman and Robin from justice for a full 3-chapter story? Heavens no. For this, the show teamed-up The Joker and The Penguin to try and stop the Dynamic Duo. 

In a special treat for Batman fans, SBS aired all three parts on the one night, so there was no waiting to find out if Batman & Robin were able to make it out of a death-trap at the end of part 2. Imagine having to wait an entire week to find out? Productivity around the nation would be halted by anxious viewers unable to focus on anything else.

On the BATMANLAND podcast this week, Dan & Fiona chat with Chris Feggans, a returning BATMANLAND guest and a member of the Programming team who explains the very deep thinking and organisational Ninjitsu that goes into scheduling three episodes of Batman on the one night.

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The Zodiac Crimes (Part 1)

The Joker's Hard Times (Part 2)

The Penguin Declines (Part 3)