Batman starring in a feature film! It's true, loyal viewer! (SBS VICELAND)

Get ready for your close-up, Batman! The Penguin has started a movie studio and has Batman starring in his first picture. How will Batman perform alongside his co-star, Marsha Queen of Diamonds? 

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Fiona Williams, Nick Bhasin
26 min 36 sec

The pictures didn't get small, the stars just got big. And there was no bigger star than Batman.

With this 3-part episode, The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) opens a movie studio bankrolled by Marsha Queen of Diamonds (The Addams Family star Carolyn Jones). Of course Batman stars in their first movie because that is the only logical way this story could go.

On the BATMANLAND podcast, Nick Bhasin & Dan Barrett go in deep in discussing these three episodes. 

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