In a special one-off podcast, regular BATMANLAND panellists Dan, Nick, and Fiona discuss the new Justice League movie and Batman's role in it. Is the film as bad as critics suggest? Our team weigh in.

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Dan Barrett, Fiona Williams, Nick Bhasin
Published on
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 18:30
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37 min 18 sec

A brief interruption from our regular BATMANLAND show. 

We think about Batman quite a bit at SBS. We broadcast the 1966 Batman show on SBS VICELAND every Friday night and we also produce a companion podcast BATMANLAND where we explore the episodes that aired that week. So, with Batman playing a major role in the new Justice League, we obviously have some opinions.

Join the regular BATMANLAND panel as they discuss the new Justice League movie in this special one-off dedicated episode. A new BATMANLAND episode will debut later this week (with a very special guest).