The ORVILLELAND podcast kicks off from 31 December. (SBS VICELAND)

Join Dan, Shelley, and Sid every week to chat about the sci-fi comedy The Orville.

Watch the show every Friday evening at 9pm on SBS VICELAND or anytime at SBS on Demand and then listen along to the ORVILLELAND podcast for a ridiculously fun chat about that week's episode.

Presented by
Dan Barrett, Sid Sharma, Shelley Peacock
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1 min 31 sec

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When can you see new episodes of The Orville?

31 December

Settle in on the Monday afternoon after 1:01pm with the season 2 return streaming anytime at SBS On Demand. 

04 January

The second episode will be streaming for you to watch anytime after 2pm at SBS On Demand. For those wanting to watch it on SBS VICELAND, episodes one and two of the second season will air back-to-back from 9pm on SBS VICELAND.

After that...

You'll be starting your weekends with brand new The Orville. New episodes of the show debut weekly at SBS ON DEMAND at 2pm every Friday afternoon, with the new episode also airing on SBS VICELAND Friday nights at 9pm.