'The Handmaid's Tale' Episode 405 (MGM)

We have just watched episode 5 of season 4 of 'The Handmaid’s Tale'. It is called Chicago. (Written by: Nina Fiore & John Herrera / Directed by Christina Choe): June seeks out more active rebels in the Chicago war zone, while Janine tries to help her fit in with their new group of survivors. Moira goes on her first field aid mission. Join us as we unpack this complex episode, discuss the relevance of a famous painting, and speculate about what the ending means, in this, the midpoint of the season. There is so much to talk about, let's get into it.

Presented by
Fiona Williams, Natalie Hambly, Sana Qadar, Haidee Ireland
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55 min


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  • Eyes on Gilead is produced by Fiona Williams with audio editing and mixing by Jeremy Wilmot
  • Theme song: 'You Don't Own Me' from 'Girl Garage 2'