This week's The Orville has a lot to discuss: First Capt Mercer gets Catfished. But then there's also the cheeky nod to a competitor Star Trek show. We discuss that and a whole lot more in this week's ORVILLELAND podcast.

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Sid Sharma, Shelley Peacock, Dan Barrett
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Friday, January 18, 2019 - 14:15
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Seth MacFarlane, you cheeky little devil. Last year Star Trek: Discovery ran a storyline in which a character named Tyler was revealed to not be who he claimed to be. So, cut to this week's episode where we have a character on the Orville ship who is not who they claim to be. Also named Tyler.

It is this sort of attention to detail that the panelists on The Orville companion podcast ORVILLELAND. Take a listen and you too can impress/disappoint your friends with dorktastic trivia just like this.

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