No birth is easy - child or podcast. (SBS)

We have just watched episode 11, which is called Holly. As Serena and Fred deal with the fallout of their actions towards ‘Offred’ and we get a glimpse at the cracks in their facade, June faces a series of grueling challenges, alone, as she recalls her experiences as a mother. The episode culminates in an incredible scene and please just give Elisabeth Moss her Emmy right now.

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Fiona Williams, Natalie Hambly, Haidee Ireland
36 min 31 sec

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New episodes of Eyes On Gilead will be available to download as soon as the latest episode of the TV show has started streaming at SBS On Demand. 

Due to last week's coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, episodes 10 + 11 air back-to-back on Thursday 28 June on SBS from 8:30pm. Both episodes are streaming now at SBS On Demand. The podcast for episode 10 is available HERE - it includes an interview with the director for episode 11, Australian Daina Reid.

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