"You've got to feel sorry for Fred," jokes Joseph Fiennes, in our exclusive interview this week. (MGM)

We have just watched episode 10 of The Handmaid's Tale season 3, which is called 'Bear Witness': Ready to strike back at her oppressors, June starts making arrangements for an ambitious plan, but a devious ploy on the part of Commander Waterford threatens to derail her. This is a big episode for Commander Fred Waterford, so it's fitting that this week we feature an interview with Joseph Fiennes. We get some incredible insights into what insights he brings to Fred. You won't want to miss it. With so much to unpack, let's get into it.  

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Episode 10 of The Handmaid's Tale features the prominent return of Commander Waterford. Fitting then, we have Joseph Fiennes in this week's Eyes on Gilead, to give us his own unique insights into the curious twists in his character arc, this season. 

On Fred: ""He's an awful, power hungry, ambitious, patriarchal rapist. What can I say? I mean, really." 

On season 3: "Fred is a study of the corrosive effects of power. He's suddenly in this sort of the centre of Gilead and he's got more opportunities for power. But he's at a crossroads. Whether a) he wants to pursue that, which might mean that he loses or it might have an adverse effect on Serena and the child, or b) whether he puts his ambition aside and, and really goes for the family dynamic. 

On the way he plays Fred, physically: "Well [Margaret] Atwood in the book has one or two clues and one of them lies in a lovely quote, which I won't do justice, which is something like describing Fred as this 'pathetic limb that lives inside a militaristic boot'." 

Listen to the full interview within this week's Eyes On Gilead: 


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