We. Get. A. Lydia. Backstory!!! (SBS)

We have just watched episode 8 of season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is called 'Unfit'. In this episode: June and the rest of the Handmaids shun Ofmatthew, and both are pushed to their limit at the hands of Aunt Lydia; Aunt Lydia reflects on her life and relationships before the rise of Gilead. We got the Aunt Lydia backstory that we've been craving for almost three seasons. Was it worth waiting for? And let's talk about Ofmatthew's story arc: Natalie has theory, and wonders if we got a tiny glimpse of backstory at Loaves and Fishes. This is a big one. Let's talk it out. 

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Also screens on SBS at 8.35pm, Thursday 11 July (note the earlier time)


This week's episode of Eyes On Gilead references an interview we had with Ann Dowd in our final episode of 2018. You can listen to her (amazing) insights into this complex character, here: