This week on the podcast Dan & Sarah dive deep into the stellar second episode that has Maia literally facing the legal fight of her life. They also explore 'deep fakes', revenge porn, and ask if you can be fired for something you say on Twitter.

Dan Barrett
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Dan Barrett, Sarah Malik
Published on
Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 00:21
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29 min 15 sec

The season one storyline surrounding Maia being implicated in her fathers shady business practices came to a head in this week's episode. Dan and Sarah dive deep into the episode and ponder the ramifications on the series as a whole. 

Last week on the podcast they discussed audio manipulation and how it could be used for fake news purposes (as seen on the show). This week they continue the conversation and consider the problems that will arise as a result of deep fake technology and how it will impact on news reporters. Dan and Sarah also follow up on the idea introduced in last week's The Good Fight on whether a person can be fired over a tweet.

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