Adam Conover ready for a night of trick or treating. (SBS)

In this episode our hosts Fiona Williams and Nick Bhasin talk about the tv show Adam Ruins Everything, foreign movies that have won Oscars and speak with Rachel Griffiths about her new tv show When We Rise.

Presented by
Fiona Williams, Nick Bhasin
43 min 21 sec

Adam Ruins Everything - He really does ruin everything (3:25)…uins-the-internet

Past Foreign Oscar Winners - With the Oscars almost upon us, we wouldn’t be SBS if we didn’t take time out to talk the foreign language oscar category. (12.04)
Ida (2015) - Poland
In a Better World (2011) - Denmark…in-a-better-world
The Secret in their Eyes (2010) - Argentina…ret-in-their-eyes
Departures (2009) - Japan…147634/departures
The Counterfeiters (2008) - Germany…he-counterfeiters
Tsotsi (2006) - South Africa
The Sea Inside (2005) - Spain…75/the-sea-inside
The Barbarian Invasions (2004) - Canada…rbarian-invasions
Nowhere in Africa (2003) - Germany…nowhere-in-africa

Fiona and Nick talk to Rachel Griffiths about the television show (22.58)…n-we-rise-trailer

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