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The subject of The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero, stopped by the SBS studios to discuss the film known by many as the worst ever made.

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Fiona Williams, Nick Bhasin, Dan Barrett
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39 min 38 sec

Nick and Fiona talk about the firefighter movie Only the Brave (0:49) - and the bravery you will need to have if you want to see it. Then Nick and Dan sit down with Greg Sestero (6:30), star of cult classic The Room and author of the book upon which The Disaster Artist is based. Sestero talks about the phenomenon of The Room, creating a truly unique Hollywood story in The Disaster Artist and what it’s like to be friends with the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, who used to secretly record their conversations. Fiona recommends Lucky, Harry Dean Stanton’s last film and Nick is loving Search Party (35:29).

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