Halloween (1978). (SBS Movies)

Fiona and Nick have a chat with original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis about her new Halloween film. There's also some discussion of The Haunting of Hill House, Duck Soup, and The 2000s.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 16:00
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27 min 47 sec

1:00 It's almost Halloween, and there's a new Halloween movie in cinemas. Nick and Fiona debate its merits.

10:19 The one and only Jamie Lee Curtis is unimpeachably charming, forthright and delightful as she talks about Laurie Strode's legacy, and the eerie connection with current events in the United States.

18:55 Reflections on Jamie Lee Curtis, and other movies you can watch this Halloween

22:21 The Haunting of Hill House is very good and scary, everyone agrees.

24:30 Fiona has been rewatching the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup for some timeless light relief.

25:34 And Nick gets swept up in the terrifying nostalgia of SBS documentary series The 2000s

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