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We've got big name guests this week: Fiona talks to controversial director Lars Von Trier about his penchant for putting his foot in his mouth, and what, if anything, he's learned from getting kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival all those years ago. Nick talks to director Bing Liu about his landmark Oscar-nominated documentary, Minding The Gap, which chronicles a friendship between three skaters in the U.S. - and whether there's any hard feelings about losing out to Free Solo. 

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0:32 The House That Jack Built: Fiona isn't raving about Lars Von Trier's latest film, which draws obvious connections between art and serial murder, but sees it ripe for conversation with its maker. 

1:30 In a wide-ranging interview, Lars Von Trier pays tribute to the late, great, Bruno Ganz, and explains the apparent misogyny of his lead character in The House That Jack Built (and why we see his female victims through their killer's eyes). He also reflects upon the way things got very, very out of hand at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival press conference, when he thought it was funny to joke about being a Nazi, but a lot of people took him seriously. It's a different world now, and Fiona finds Lars Von Trier is more introspective than his reputation - as the enfant terrible of international cinema (one largely cultivated by himself, to be sure) would have you expect. 

Read Fiona's report about the Cannes debacle back in 2011

Cannes: On stupidity and self-promotion
Foot-in-mouth-itis appears to be catching on at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

29:56 Nick loved Minding The Gap, and talks to Bing Liu about how he managed to craft a film about modern American life from the intimate details of his friendship group, across several years. 


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