The beloved ‘Up’ series is back with three-part series, ‘63 Up’. (SBS)
It's time for another instalment of Michael Apted's ground-breaking '7 Up' documentary series, which has chronicled the lives of a group of Brits from the age of seven to 63. The director of the landmark social experiment about modern living Britain is our special guest on this episode of The Playlist, and he joins Fiona to talk about the impact of this venture upon his own life, and also, what it's like to cop a spray from participant Jackie.  
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0:55: Nick and Fiona discuss the '7 Up' series, and the melancholy tone of the latest instalment, '63 Up'. (It has broken Fiona's heart just a little bit). '63 Up' premieres on SBS and at SBS on Demand Monday 10 June.

10:46: Michael Apted talks to Fiona about "the great dream" of making this incredible series, which he calls "the most important thing I've ever done". He talks about how the way he approaches the interviews has changed as he's grown closer to the participants, and how he manages to coax people to keep coming back to share a life update. 

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