Everyone needs a friend like Moira. (The Handmaid's Tale episode 406). (MGM)

We have just watched episode 6 of season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale. It is called 'Vows', and it's written by Dorothy Fortenberry and directed by Richard Shepard: After a shocking reunion with a dear friend, June contemplates the possibility of freedom, and confronts the unfulfilled promises she’s made to herself and to Luke. Hoo boy, Fiona barely makes it through the synopsis without crying, and we're all feeling emotional after this very significant episode. There is so much to unpack, let's get into it. #EyesOnGilead

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Fiona Williams, Natalie Hambly, Haidee Ireland, Sana Qadar
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  • Eyes on Gilead is produced by Fiona Williams with audio editing and mixing by Jeremy Wilmot
  • Theme song: 'You Don't Own Me' from 'Girl Garage 2'