Bread comes in many shapes and sizes and differs according to cuisine. Italian Bread (Pane di Casa/ Ciabatta) should be crusty on the outside and not too doughy or too airy inside. Serve with cheese, prosciutto and used for the well known bruschetta. Spanish Bread is a staple in Spain and is usually eaten at every meal. Day-old bread is never wasted but used to make crumbs for coating croquettes, to make stuffing or adding to soups (gazpacho). French Baked and purchased 3 times a day, French bread is made in a myriad of styles and shapes, but most well known is the iconic baguette, a long stick-shaped loaf with a thin golden crust and light interior. Maltese Similar to crusty Italian bread in texture, the Maltese use bread in simple dishes like hobz biz-zejt and puddina. Pakistani Roti, which is round, flat, unleavened and cooked on a grill; Naan which is leavened and cooked in the tandoor oven.