Immigration Nation:
The Secret History of Us

Starts Sunday @ 8.30pm on SBS ONE

Discover the untold story behind Australia's multicultural mix.

This landmark documentary series explores Australia's century long struggle to overcome the White Australia Policy.

Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us will reveal the dark paradox behind the Utopian vision at Federation: the belief that to be the most progressive and egalitarian nation in the world, Australia must be exclusively white. This is the story of how modern, multicultural Australia was built against the odds.

Go behind the television series with our innovative interactive documentary. Discover how immigrants helped shape multicultural Australia, have your say, and explore a resource centre that's full of interesting facts about the key people, politicians and countries behind our nation's immigration story.

Tune in to SBS Radio to discuss the themes of the series in your language.

SBS have partnered with the Museum of Australian Democracy to present a discussion event at Old Parliament House in Canberra on February 3. Hosted by SBS's Anton Enus, the event will be open to the public, with more details available shortly.


Explore the stories and lives of dozens of remarkable immigrants -- and their descendants -- in this immersive interactive documentary about the building of multicultural Australia.


Learn more about the architects of Australia’s immigration policies and the people and places those policies affected.

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