Front pages of The Australian

Front pages of The Australian

The Australian began publishing in the final years of the (by then much weakened) White Australia policy. Here you will find a selection of front pages that address key moments and events related to the policy and its eventual demise.

The Australian also has exclusive editorial content related to the Immigration Nation series, including op-ed pieces and an introduction from Alex West, the producer.

September 1964: Opperman Under Pressure

A minor unravelling of the policy under Immigration Minister Opperman, who faces increasing pressure to modify White Australia, or drop it altogether.

August 1965: Labor Drops Policy

Labor drops White Australia from its immigration platform

August 1965: Nancy's Last Day

A front-page photo of Fijian Nancy Prasad, 6, who faces deportation.

August 1965: Nancy Kidnapped

Moments before boarding her deportation flight, Nancy Prasad is carried away by an activist.

August 1965: Nancy in Fiji

Nancy Prasad is deported, and Immigration Minister Opperman is criticised for the nadling of her case.

March 1966: Asians Let In

Immigration Minister Opperman announces rules to allow qualified non-Europeans to immigrate more easily.

July 1966: Chinese Sailors Stay

Australia permits 25 Chinese refugees to stay; some say deportation to China almost certainly would lead to punishment upon their return.

October 1971: We're Not Racists

While in the U.S., Australia's prime minister defends the country's migration policy.

May 1972: Multiracial Society?

Australia's uneasiness with multiculturalism is apparent when a Liberal minister's endorsement of it causes alarm within his own party.

March 1973: Nancy Returns

Nancy Prasad returns to Australia, eight years after she was deported.

March 1974: Skilled Asians

Prime Minister Whitlam announces Asian applicants' trade qualifications will be recognised, effectively ending the White Australia policy.

April 1975: Vietnamese Refugees

As the North sweeps to victory, Whitlam says some refugees will be allowed into Australia.

May 1975: More Refugees

Whitlam agrees to accept more Vietnamese refugees -- if other nations will also do their part.

November 1977: Boats Arrive

Sluggish refugee application processes lead many Vietnamese to attempt to reach Australia by fishing boat.

September 2001: Howard and the Boats

Prime Minister Howard's refusal to allow a boatload of asylum seekers to enter Australia becomes an international issue.
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