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In Language Production


Specialists in language communications

Over four million Australians speak a language other than English at home.

We can help you get heard.

SBS In Language is dedicated to multilingual communication. Drawing on SBS’s unique multicultural expertise, we provide specialist translation services, subtitles, voice over, typesetting, cross cultural consultancy and video production to ensure you reach your clients in their language.

Australia is a multicultural society and SBS understands the unique challenges faced when communicating messages to such a varied audience. We are committed to making your communication collateral culturally relevant and professional. We work with a range of clients in the government and public sector.

Our team has on-site access to professional language experts with NAATI accreditation in more than 74 languages. We use broadcast-quality production services to make our voice overs seamless and our subtitles perfectly match onscreen dialogue.

We proudly hold a Quality Management System certification, ISO 9001. This accreditation gives our clients added confidence that their work is being professionally managed to the highest standards, from start to finish. 

Talk to us about your specific needs and how we can work with you to develop your next in-language communications strategy so you can reach multicultural audiences across Australia.