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In Language Production


Specialists in voice over & re-narration

Providing the right tone, talent and character for your professional in-language voice over

Broadcasting programs in 74 languages every week, SBS has unrivalled access to the most diverse pool of multicultural voice talent in Australia.

Using the unique experience of SBS’s multilingual team, SBS In Language guarantees the cultural authenticity, tone and accuracy of the translated audio, specific to each language.

We recognise that translating the spoken word requires a different approach to written content. We ensure that your voice script matches the corresponding vision while preserving your intended message within a given timeframe.

Our process

Using the SBS studio facilities, production services and multilingual team, translations are customised for voice recording to maintain the key messages, duration and character of your campaign.

We provide a specific translation customised for voice recording
We have unrivalled access to Australia's most diverse pool of expert multilingual voice talent
We have industry standard digital production equipment and facilities

Quality through experience

Our experienced production team ensures that you receive the best quality product, whether it’s a radio campaign, video re-narration, TVC voice over, multi-media presentation, interactive voice recording (IVR) or audio tour.

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