Wednesday, 16 December 2015

About half of all Australians are third-plus generation, which means that they and their parents were born in Australia.

These third-plus generation Australians share some common traits: they are less likely than first and second generation Australians to speak a second language, more likely to marry outside the family’s culture and less likely to live in capital cities.

So, which areas in Australia have the highest proportions of third-plus generation Australians?

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Proportion of Australian born people who are third-plus generation Australians

Generations in Australia

  • First generation Australians are people living in Australia who were born overseas.
  • Second generation Australians are Australian-born people living in Australia, with at least one overseas-born parent.
  • Third-plus generation Australians are Australian-born people whose parents were both born in Australia. One or more of their grandparents may have been born overseas or they may have several generations of ancestors born in Australia. This group also includes most Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Areas with fewer than 100 people are not included in the data and are colored grey.