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5 key details about the New Temporary Parent Visa

Long Stay visa Source: SBS

Private health insurance, financial backing required from children. Take a look at other details.

Australian Government on Friday morning announced that they were kick starting community consultations on developing the legislation for a new five-year temporary sponsored parent visa.

The Indian community in Australia who have campaigned for this over a year and are keenly watching the developments are widely sharing this new development within the community.

Here are the 5 key points of the new temporary parent visa

  1. Parents of immigrants in Australia will have to get private health insurance. They will also have to show financial backing from their children to be able to access this new visa. These new requirements aim to protect health system from extra costs.
  2. This new visa will be in place by July 2017
  3. This visa will be available to parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible NZ citizens
  4. Visa fees have not yet been revealed but Minister Hawke said it will be ‘more affordable than current arrangements.’
  5. Community will be consulted and community leaders have been invited to make submissions about the policy's features and submit it on by midnight, Monday 31st October 2016.

Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke told reporters in Sydney today that the aim is not to burden the taxpayers.

"If we are to have more aged parents who have come from overseas here with us visiting or staying, we have to ensure that our already overburdened health system is protected from extra cost," he said.