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5 reasons for Italo-Australians to cheer up despite Italy's defeat

Source: Francesca Rizzoli

The Italian team hasn't made it through to the World Cup. For such an unprecedented event for the country, SBS Italian tries to find the silver lining....

Referee Antonio Mateu has just blown his whistle marking the end of Italy vs. Sweden, triggering desperation among the Azzurri and the 75,000 spectators at Milan's San Siro stadium. The Swedish national team will go to Russia 2018, while Italy has failed to qualify for the first time since 1958. But is it really a tragedy for Italians Down Under?

Here are five reasons that could help you change idea.

1. No more early starts

The alarm set at 4am, several espressos drunk in the dark while we sit in front of the TV under a blanket, trying to keep quiet in order not to awake the family: this won't be an issue next year.

Not to mention the terrible nights spent out and about under the winter rain only to watch your team competing for the World Cup.

Italian fans at the 2014 World Cup
The coffee industry will be hit hard next June
Francesca Rizzoli

2. It is now OK to boycott Ikea

No more Saturday afternoons spent in Richmond or Rhodes trying to find your way through a maze of furniture and lamps. The embargo against Sweden is a persuasive argument for any partner sensitive to our allegiance to the Azzurri team.

Italian fans at the 2014 World Cup
"Hex keys, you only have hex keys!"
Francesca Rizzoli

3. At last we can barrack for Australia as if it were our first choice

You must admit it, you have always been at risk of being ungrateful towards the country you now call home.

Here is the perfect opportunity to declare “I barrack and have always barracked for Australia”. (editor’s note: this article has been written before the Australia vs. Honduras match, fingers crossed).

Italian fans at the 2014 World Cup
"I needed a new frame for my glasses!"
Francesca Rizzoli

4. No more need to defend doubtful penalties 

Who hasn't had to put up with innuendos and sarcasm about Italian players trying to trick the referee? And who hasn't had to bend the laws of physics, invoke forgotten rules from 1936 and thermodynamics to demonstrate that, in fact, the infamous Fabio Grosso penalty was well deserved? Next June we will be perfect gentlemen, balanced and fair.

Italian fans at the 2014 World Cup
It's a penalty!
Francesca Rizzoli

5. You will re-evaluate cricket

You won't have to watch from the sidelines as your Aussie friends show their prowess in the national sport. You can spend next June watching old videos of Shane Warne or Adam Gildchrist and finally understand the rules, just in time for the world qualifiers in October. And if Australia does not make it, well, it'll be your fault.

Italian fans at the 2014 World Cup
Soccer? It's so last century!
Francesca Rizzoli

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