8-year-old Indian boy with a tail worshipped as Hindu deity Hanuman

8-year-old Dulha Singh was born with a patch of hair on his lower back which has now grown into a tail. Source: Barcroft TV

People from the nearby villages believe 8-year-old Dulha Singh is the reincarnation of Hindu deity, Hanuman.

Dulha Singh is like any other eight-year-old in his village in Amritsar (India) except that he has a long hairy tail at his back. He gets special attention because of it and people consider him a reincarnation of Hindu deity, Hanuman who bears resemblance to a monkey.    

The boy was born with a patch of hair on his lower back which has grown into a tail as Dulha is growing older.

Barcroft TV

His maternal uncle, Sahib Singh who is taking care of the boy since his mother died, says they consider cutting his tail hair a bad omen. 

“His mother once decided to cut the tail but she died before doing so.

“Since then I am taking care of Dulha and we decided not to cut the tail,” The Sun quoted him as saying.

Dulha Singh with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunt Manjeet Kaur.
Barcroft TV

Though the family has tried to dissuade people from visiting the young boy, his tail continues to evoke the curiosity of visitors from near and far.

“People from far away areas come to see his tail and don’t mock it,” says his aunt Manjeet Kaur.

She says people believe he is the incarnation of Hanumanji.

“When Dulha was living with his mum, people used to travel hundreds of miles to to seek blessings by touching his tail.”

Dulha Singh attends a school in his village where he has many friends. He says none of them teases him for his tail.

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