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A beer a day? It amounts to a five kilo weight gain per year

Source: Pixabay

Drinking a beer a day will make you five kilos fatter in a year, Cancer Council Victoria research says.

A bottle of beer a day makes you gain more than 5 kilograms per year. This is the outcome of a Cancer Council Victoria research that has studied and analysed the calories contained in different alcoholic beverages.

That alcohol helps you putting on weight very fast is well known, but realising that a mere beer a day can make you five kilos fatter in a year is definitely something to make you stop and think... and this is not the only bad news coming: a glass of rum and coke or a vodka orange cocktail contains 250 calories. Considering that on a night out it's easy to gulp down more than one drink, absorbing more than 1.000 calories per night is not an impossible feature to achieve. The problem is that that number is half of the daily calories needed for an adult.

The research compares alcoholic drinks to snacks and chocolate bars, which are also highly caloric and found that Drinking 4 gin and tonics is equivalent to eating 20 chicken nuggets, or 3 cheeseburger or 5 bowl of cereals with milk and sugar. It is pretty much like gobbling down five breakfasts in a row.

"People who drink more than two standard drinks per day risk more than simple weight gain," says Cancer Council Victoria spokesman Craig Sinclair.

"There is strong evidence that alcohol consumption is related to mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver, intestine and breast cancer."

According to the Cancer Council, in 2010 more than 2.8 per cent of cancer cases in Australia are alcohol consumption related.