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[A/Prof. Lee’s 1 minute VTR] Covid vaccines for pregnant women


Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pregnancy is a very special time but in the era of COVDID, many are anxious about the potential intrusion of COVID infection and how best to care for themselves and the unborn baby.

COVID 19 infection in pregnancy is associated with higher risk of severe infection to the mother. There are also increased risk to the unborn baby with premature delivery. Hence, pregnant wome are a high priority group to receive the COVID 19 vaccine.

Studies and extensive experience overseas have shown that mRNA vaccine (both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines) are safe in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Vaccination can be received at all stages of pregnancy. There are additional benefits of vaccination to the baby through the passage of protective antibody from the mother through the placenta or through breastmilk in early life.

If you are planning a family, it is safe to proceed without waiting to be vaccinated first. Do not delay your family planning. Equally, do not defer vaccination till after falling pregnant or after delivery.