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A thirsty koala drinks from a cyclist's water bottle

Source: Nick Lathian

It's not easy to be a little furry beast when the mercury stays above 30 degrees Celsius for several days. Happily, koalas can trust Good Samaritans to help them quench their thirst.

Cyclist Nick Lothian encountered a cute scene a few days ago in Adelaide, South Australia. An American couple was helping a koala to drink from a water bottle.

Nick told SBS he initially thought one of the cyclists had a flat tyre, but saw the animal drinking when he got closer. He stopped to take photos of the koala, which was on the ground and then jumped on the wheel of the bicycle to get closer to the bottle. He left after seeing the koala was in good hands.

On his way back, the group was still there with the koala, so he gave them more water and stayed until animal rescue volunteers arrived. 

Nick said he saw koalas in the area before, but a koala drinking from a water bottle is definitely a first.

Veterinarian David Mason from the Adelaide Animal Hospital confirmed to 9 News Adelaide that the animal was doing well and was released back to nature.

It's not the first time that a koala has stopped bystanders to drink water. According to the Department of Environment, it's a technique that certain animals develop to survive extreme weather.

If the temperature remains high for several days, animal rescue volunteers recommend that people who live in rural areas leave water outside for struggling animals.

At the beginning of the year, a koala was rescued after being found unconscious during a bush fire in Victoria.

In 2013, another South Australian cyclist published a video where he was giving water to a koala.