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Age limit changes for the Australian Working Holiday visa.


The Australian Working Holiday visa will cost $ 50 less starting January 2017. It will go from $ 440 to $ 390 .

The visa will be available for people aged 19 to 35, extending the age limit from 30 to 35. People from various countries such as France, Canada and Belgium, are eligible.

It will also become possible to work for an employer for up to a year, instead than only six months, as long as you're not working in the same location for more than six months.

The backpackers will pay more taxes

But it's not all good news. Last month, the government announced it would amend the controversial 32.5 % backpacker tax announced earlier this year. Their new bill ask for backpackers to be taxed at a 19 % rate, from the first dollar.

The government will also start taxing backpackers' superannuation at a rate of 95% when they leave the country.

Source SBS News