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Agla Sawera: A film that warns of a future impacted by pandemics like COVID-19 and climate change

Agla Sawera: A short Film that portrays the future with coronavirus pandemic Source: Supplied

The short film is shot in Western Australia depicting life in 2030, and warning of an unrecognizable world if we are unable to overcome the impacts of climate change and global pandemics like COVID-19.

The film Agla Sawera (Next Morning) portrays how global pandemics like the current coronavirus affliction could gravely impact human life as we know it, and combined with the effects of climate change, it may even lead to the end of life on earth.

“Many stories seem like fiction at the present moment, but they can easily become the reality of tomorrow,” says the filmmaker Manpreet Dhillon.


  • The whole film was shot in Midland in Western Australia.
  • 'Agla Sawera' is the second short film by Perth-based Manpreet Dhillon, the first short film was 'Yaariyan'.
  • Punjabi film actor Mahabir Bhullar features in the film with a guest appearance.

In an interview with SBS Punjabi, Mr Dhillon said that the movie explores the issues that the world could face because of pandemics and climate change and how that could impact life in 2030.

"The man in Agla Sawera could be any one of us a decade down the track."

Punjabi film actor Mahabir Bhullar can also be seen as a part of the film with his guest appearance.

Mr Dhillon who works for WA police, says that his father is a big motivation for him to follow his passion for filmmaking. 

Agla Sawera: A short Film that portraits the future with coronavirus pandemic
Director and writer Mr Manpreet Dhillon

“I’ve never been to any film school, in fact, I’m a self-taught person."

“My father is a theatre artist in India, and I’ve grown up watching him act and managing video production projects and that’s what has motivated me to follow my passion for filmmaking," says Mr Dhillon.

He further added, "Agla Sawera is the second short film written and directed by me. The first one was Yaariyan which was based on trust between friends and now I'm working on my next project of a comedy short film of two Punjabi police officers stuck in Australia."

The film was released on Youtube on 1st of October 2020 and has also received several positive comments and reviews from the public.

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