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And the best country to migrate is...

FILE - In this Thursday Nov. 12, 2015, file photo, a group of migrants disembark from a train at the Swedish Source: AAP Image/AP/Stig Ake Jonsson/TT

The US-based analytics and ranking organisation 'US News and World Report' has released a new ranking of the countries which are best for migration. India stands at number 72. And the best country is....

Is Australia the best country to migrate? Is it the USA or Canada? New Zealand? Not according to a latest report by the US News and World Report ranking.

The Ranking company US News and World report has ranked Sweden as the best country for  migrants to live in. It is followed closely by Canada and Switzerland. Australia is at number 4, followed by Germany.


Australian migrants
Sydney Swans player Michael O'Loughlin (back row centre) meets with Sudanese and Somali immigrants.
AAP Image/Dean Lewins

The report says, "Sweden, a strong social welfare state that has long been considered a haven for migrants, ranks No. 1. Canada is No. 2, while Switzerland, Australia and Germany round out the top five."

"To determine the Best Countries to Be an Immigrant, U.S. News assessed the "international perceptions of a country, as well as immigration policy and economic data," says the report.

A young Syrian refugee is held by her father as they arrive at the Welcome Centre at Toronto's Pearson Airport on Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP)
A young Syrian refugee is held by her father as they arrive at the Welcome Centre at Toronto's Pearson Airport.
AAP Image/AP/Chris Young/The Canadian Press

More than 21,000 people were surveyed around the world before preparing the report. Economic stability, income equality and Job prospects are a few parameters, the countries were judged upon, according to the ranking firm. It also studied stats by the World Bank and the United Nations.

There are nearly 250 million international migrants in the world.


The full ranking is as below:

1 Sweden


2 Canada


3 Switzerland


4 Australia


5 Germany


6 Norway


7 United States


8 Netherlands


9 Finland


10 Denmark


11 Luxembourg


12 Austria


13 New Zealand


14 France


15 United Arab Emirates


16 Ireland


17 United Kingdom


18 Singapore


19 Italy


20 Japan


21 China


22 Spain


23 Qatar


24 Russia


25 South Korea


26 Portugal


27 Greece


28 Israel


29 Slovenia


30 Oman


31 Ukraine


32 Brazil


33 Saudi Arabia


34 Romania


35 Argentina


36 Panama


37 Bahrain


38 Belarus


39 Chile


40 Bulgaria


41 Mexico


42 Turkey


43 Poland


44 Uruguay


45 South Africa


46 Kazakhstan


47 Hungary


48 Croatia


49 Costa Rica


50 Czech Republic


51 Thailand


52 Indonesia


53 Lebanon


54 Morocco


55 Colombia


56 Latvia


57 Malaysia


58 Jordan


59 Philippines


60 Bolivia


61 Azerbaijan


62 Vietnam


63 Ecuador


64 Egypt


65 Nigeria


66 Angola


67 Algeria


68 Serbia


69 Iran


70 Dominican Republic


71 Sri Lanka


72 India


73 Peru


74 Burma (Myanmar)


75 Pakistan


76 Ghana


77 Tanzania


78 Tunisia


79 Guatemala


80 Kenya


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