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Another Aussie on the 'run' in India

Samantha Gash Source: Samantha Gash

She is a corporate lawyer by profession and on a mission to raise funds for the education focused initiatives in India.

A 31-year-old Australian, Samantha Gash, a corporate lawyer by profession, will embark on a 76-day-long-run from Jaisalmer to Meghalaya in August 2016.

Samantha told the Times of India - "My mind and heart is determined to finish the physical and mental challenge that is 'Run India'. It will definitely be one day at a time and remember that I need to be highly adaptable in order to do so."

Samantha’s objective is to undertake the challenge of running almost 4,000 kms stretch covering several Indian cities from West to East.

She wishes to raise funds for the education focused initiative of World Vision's programmes in India.


"My hope is also that I can shed some light on the complexities Indians face when it comes to accessing education and that a grassroots and holistic approach to development can be a life or game changer," said Samantha.

Samantha has experience of running through the most extreme and inhospitable locations in Chile, China, Egypt, Antarctica, Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa and India.

In 2011, she ran non-stop for a 222 kms in Leh. Her plan this time in India is to run from West to East and also visit World Vision development programmes in Pauri and Darjeeling.

"I found the running community in India so supportive and passionate." she said.

"I have connected my love for endurance running over the past five years to raising funds with the goal to addressing complex barriers to access of education," she said.

Samantha would be accompanied by her crew of Indians, a Britisher and an American who join her during sections of the run.

On January 2016, Pat Farmer, former Federal Member of Parliament, commenced his South to North India run to create awareness and raise funds for the cause of the education of the girls in India. He would be finishing the run in Srinagar on March 30.


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