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10 million people worldwide now infected by COVID-19

People wait in line at a free COVID-19 testing site in Houston, Texas Source: AAP

The world has reached another grim milestone in the Coronavirus saga. Ten million cases have been recorded around the world, and half a million deaths.

Johns Hopkins University in the United States is reporting that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world has passed ten million.

The figure is roughly double the number of severe influenza illnesses recorded annually, according to the World Health Organisation.

Half a million people have died from the disease.

Half the world's cases have been in the US or Europe, but now the number of infections in Central and South America is increasing rapidly.

Over the weekend, leaders from around the world joined a global fundraising event aimed at raising the billions of dollars needed to ensure widespread availability of coronavirus testing and treatment. Among them was New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

And when we find that vaccine, it must be available to everyone. New Zealand will join with GAVI (the Vaccine Alliance) and others to make sure developing countries, including our Pacific Island neighbors, have access to the vaccine as and when they need it to protect their communities.

In India, the number of positive cases in the country crossed the half-a-million mark at the weekend.

India's Interior Minister, Amit Shah, claims that the country has managed the COVID-19 crisis better than the rest of the world.

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