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85% Australians support multiculturalism!

Multiculturalism Source: AAP

Sydney and Melbourne have the highest level of support for multiculturalism.

The Scanlon Foundation has been looking at these perceptions over the past decade,and most recent research shows 85 percent of Australians agree that multiculturalism has been good for the country.


Data shows Australians are generally very accepting of cultural diversity and immigration, but the level of support varies across generations, geographical locations and demographic groups.


Scanlon Foundation CEO Anthea Hancocks says Australia's diverse culture is one of the country's most defining characteristics.


Professor Markus says the research shows current support for immigration is at relatively high levels, compared to 30 or 40 years ago: "There does seem to be a pattern of greater support for immigration. When it comes to some other issues, such as different ethnic groups, at the level of the data that we have it's more length of time in Australia and people are more positive towards people who've been here for 20 or 30 years and similarly amongst the immigrants themselves, there's more differentiation among the recent arrivals in terms of the support that they're looking for from government."


Welcome to Australia Founder Brad Chilcott hopes it influences the nation's leaders to change the way they do business - "Prejudice never survives a personal interaction, I think, and the more we can do to foster - not just tolerance that other people might have a different culture than us - but actually foster inter-cultural relationships and facilitate a real discussion between people of different backgrounds the more we are going to change people's perceptions and prejudices."


This research not only casts light on external perceptions, it also shows how recent migrants feel about settling in the country.