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A campaign for community safety in Tarneit

CCTV Source: wikicommons

The people of Tarneit were so fed-up with regular burglaries that they decided to form a Neighbourhood Watch group of their own.

Sanjay Sethi, of Tarneit – a Western suburb of Melbourne, hopes that his ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ group will generate greater police presence and better safety on the streets.

The community people were so fed-up with regular burglaries that they decided to form a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ group of their own.

Sanjay has lived in the suburb for more than four years now.

He says a small Indian community is developing in Tarneit.

But there is a significant spike in property crime that is not good for the development of this area.

He said almost all of his neighbours had experienced attempted home robberies, car break-ins and vandalism on many occasions.

“We hope to let people know what is happening in the area and raise awareness [of crime] to protect ourselves,” Sanjay said.

Sanjay points to open spaces, parks and lack of lighting in the area that encourages antisocial elements.

Sanjay says authorities should work to install more lighting and police patrolling in Tarneit.

The members of the newly formed ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ meet in the evenings and then also go door-knocking to inform residents on how to prevent crime.

Sanjay welcomes residents of Tarneit to join his new ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ initiative and help fellow residents.