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'Acting runs in my blood' says Punjabi actor and singer Pukhraj Bhalla

Punjabi actor Pukhraj Bhalla Source: Supplied by Pukhraj Bhalla

Pukhraj Bhalla, son of veteran Punjabi actor Jaswinder Bhalla, talks about his journey in the movie business and how being an 'insider' has impacted his career in a candid interview with SBS Punjabi.

Pukhraj Bhalla, who started his career with short stints in Punjabi movies, has succeeded in building his own fan base through his unforgettable appearances in supporting roles.
The young actor who embarked on his acting journey with the movie 'Stupid 7' in 2013 recalled days when he would accompany his father to the sets of the popular comedy series 'Chankata.'


  • Pukhraj Bhalla talks about his upcoming projects and preferred roles
  • He is the son of ace Punjabi actor, Jaswinder Bhalla
  • After playing supporting roles, Pukhraj is set to play lead roles in his upcoming films

In an interview with SBS Punjabi, the 27-year-old said being a son of an actor who enjoys massive popularity may have helped him enter the acting world, but it's only hard work and talent that can determine an actor's longevity in the industry.

"People may think it's easy being an actor's son, but the comparison makes it actually harder. I understand that it's a privilege to know people on the inside, but if you don't have the craft, you cannot sustain in this industry," he said.

pukhraj bhalla
Pukhraj Bhalla with his father Jaswinder Bhalla and other family members.
Supplied by Pukhraj Bhalla

Pukhraj, who holds a degree in TV production and filmmaking, has featured in many popular movies, including Harjeeta, Vaisakhi List, Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua, R.S.V.P, and Afsar etc.

He rose to massive popularity after his role in 'Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree( YJKD),' a college web series helmed by Rabby Tiwana.

Talking about his upcoming projects, Pukhraj said that he would prefer to choose versatility over comedy.

"I have chosen a different genre. I am keen to portray negative and grey characters rather than just doing comedy," he said.

The actor is ready to don different hats with YJKD 3, Teriya Meriya Hera Pheriyan, Jinne Jamme Sare Nikamme, Meri Vahuti Da Viyah, Haterz - projects have been shot and are ready to release.

Pukhraj Bhalla
Pukhraj Bhalla with cast and crew of web series Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree.
Supplied by Pukhraj Bhalla

The fledgling actor, who cannot imagine his life without films, said that it's time Punjabi filmmakers started experimenting with creative cinema and got out of the rut of love stories.

"Punjabi filmmakers should also make movies on versatile concepts and themes rather than just sticking to rom-com movies," he said.

Pukhraj has also released a few single tracks that were well received by his fans.

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