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Afghan Australians to rally in Sydney, Melbourne to denounce Taliban 'oppression'

Source: AAP Image/Yui Mok/PA Wire

Rallies will take place in Sydney and Melbourne on Sunday to denounce the Taliban regime in a show of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

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“The purpose of this demonstration is to denounce the Taliban regime and stand in solidarity with the oppressed minorities who are facing ethnic cleansing and genocide in some parts of Afghanistan,” one of the organisers of Sydney protest Bilal Waheed Sangy told SBS Dari.

The Taliban declared victory in Afghanistan in mid-August and promised an inclusive government that would reflect the ethnic makeup of the country, but all the top positions were handed to key leaders from the movement and the Haqqani network - the most violent branch of the Taliban known for devastating attacks.

The appointments were also a backflip on a promise to share power with other political forces, women and minorities.

Bilal Waheed Sangy
Mr Waheed Sangy accuses the Taliban of "ethnic cleansing and forced migration".
Supplied/Bilal W Sangy

The group has also been subject to allegations of “cold-blooded executions” and forced displacement of political opponents and ethnic groups such as the Hazaras by international rights groups.

In a recent move, the group installed Mullah Abdullah Sarhadi as the new governor of Bamiyan province, a man who stands accused of destroying the joint Buddha statue in central Bamiyan and orchestrating a massacre in the Yakaolang district in 2001.

Emerging from a prolonged lockdown in Sydney and Melbourne, Mr Waheed Sangy said Australian Afghans want to raise the voice of “the oppressed and defenceless people of Afghanistan” and place a spotlight on the “injustice, genocide, forced migration, banning girls education and other human rights issue”.

“As you know, in August, when the Taliban entered Kabul and the former regime’s government fall, we, especially in Melbourne and Sydney were in the middle of a breathless lockdown, people couldn’t rally in these two cities, and raise their voice,” he said.

“Now we have that opportunity, and this demonstration is organised by people and different groups of Afghan people in Australia and many other countries around the world- America, England, Europe, and other countries- on the 14the [of November].”

Nations around the world have said they’ll not recognise the Taliban’s government until the group proves in action that it’ll protect the rights of women and minorities.

Taliban fighters patrol Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021.
Taliban declared seized control of Afghanistan in mid-August.

“Our demand from Australia and the rest of the world is not to recognise the Taliban and the Taliban regime as a legitimate government in Afghanistan,” Mr Waheed Sangy said.

“And we ask the international community to support the resistance front of people of Afghanistan led by Ahmad Massoud so that we can have peace and equality for every ethnic group in Afghanistan.

“We don’t want Afghanistan to once again become a safe haven for international terrorism and we don’t want to witness another event like September 11.”

The Sydney protest will be held at Town Hall, while the Melbourne rally will be at Harmony Square in Dandenong.

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